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​Naaaaah ! You guys are just boring old men forget it, go back to your crosswords guys ! lol

This staff is just too good to be true people, I really understand, it's just not your generation...

​We fresh young dudes don't have much of that narrow mindset your breed needed to survive nazi invasion etc...


​Now that war is over, there's no more rationing camarades, it's going to be free cellphone charges for my homies !


​Look at that sweet little treat of a gadget, that baby's HOT !!!



I'll be damned if I don't get one !!! OUUUWI !

I'm not that old!!  Anyway, some of us have a thing called "experience".  I've seen a lot of scams over they years, and even almost fell for a couple, but I've always trusted my instincts, and they have served me well.


I never buy something without the opportunity to know the details of how and why it works, and speak directly to people who have used the product.  If a product is particularly costly, I want a chance to try it myself and put it to the test before I part with any hard earned money.  


I can't properly evaluate the black box from the  you tube video that leaves out a lot of details I would like to know, but knowing that you can't get something for nothing in our reality, I figure it could be as a best case scenario, a really good battery that will need recharging from time to time, and I would not be surprised if you cannot get it to perform as advertised.


"the laws of physics do not change with time"


​Emmy Noether, good old (lost) breed of Ladies...The Laws of Physics are symetric through Time...

I enjoy the way this concept is expressed, but intimately I really wonder if what we call

"Laws of Physics" & "Time" could just be the same thing after all...Anyway, God knows best !


These Laws we like to study so much, we need not dismiss the limitation of our grasp over their description !

The way some people behave towards Scientific Knowledge makes me think about the problem encountered

by some Computer Programmers who created maps that would also represent distances, but when people would

choose to zoom beyond the level of details intended by the makers, users would read totally unreal distances !!!


Let's not worship the representations that we make of the world, that would only be a hidden form of idolatry...

This is much along the lines of my beliefs as well, which is why I tend to value science not for the knowledge itself, but for the scientific method that sets us on a path towards understanding.

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