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Scales Of Objects In Everyday Life

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Consider some typical objects of use in everyday life that we use in different avatars :


bicycle -> large trailer

tent -> palace

basic tv set -> Home theater with superb acoustics, smart tv with internet and LED technology


What does this indicate about the patterns of consumption across demographics ?  :irked:


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Well the reasons are many and doesn't really tell much about demographics, some love to brag about their belongings and get big badass cars and home cinemas and what not, but of course the companies use ways to make it seem like these items are so cool and thats why you need them, the phone commercials on TV often tells you to "upgrade" to a bigger better phone, they want you to consume and milk your money, then there's several people who don't care about such and buy phones when your old one stops working, a new tv when the old one throws in the towel, no need to "upgrade" if what you got is working. 

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