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Happy New Year To All!

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Happy New year to all the members of this forums and to all the people around the world, Asia, UK, Europe, America, Africa, Panama, Canada, Space, and others. And to everyone who is working hard  scientist, astronauts, chemist, artists, writers, publishers, athletes, gamers, housewifes, and others. You all may have a great year to come. from your dearest friend Gustavo Woltmann

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What about contract Building Inspectors who inspect new construction and renovation of public school and government facilities?   Don't we get any love? :(  Anyhow happy New Year to you too.

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What about computer programmers? We get mostly complaints and grief all year ‘round, when it’s well known if it wasn’t for us the world would instantly fall into anarchy and ruin!


We got lots of love on new years 2000, after saving the world from the Y2K catastrophe. That was a sweet gig.


PS: that was sarcasm. Computers are less vital to human existence than the news would have us believe. Y2K catastrophe predictions were overblown.

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