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Grainger's- They have everything, They are a little salty, but their phone support is excellent and they will ship anywhere. If the above link does not work try. Grainger's.com. 

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I work in a warehouse and I was tasked to handle the repair of our conveyor. According to the technician the vector motor is causing the problem. We need to replace it ASAP but we can’t find a reliable supplier. Would you know someone that can supply us the replacement that we need? 


I'm not sure if this will help you, I only found this lists from the desk of my uncle. Its good that he just recently inquired about encoders and vector motors. By the way, you may check these reputable manufacturers that I got from him. These are baumer, northstar, dynapar and harrowe brands. You may check with them about the replacement that you need.

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Thank you for your suggestions. For my home, I just order anything and everything from ebay or Amazon - more on ebay. For industrial materials, though, I need to do a little more research, troubleshooting and vetting. I checked all and came up with northstar and dynapar - which I believe are the same company? They seem to have what I need in terms of vector motors and bei encoders. I just hope that their sales support and responsiveness is as good as they claim. Well, here goes nothing ... 

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