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So lately I have been wondering about what makes a human physically strong,
is the size of the muscles all that matters? 
In this video I approach a specific case of a pro armwrestler defeating a bodybuilder with apparently 
more muscle mass but in between I talk about the One Inch Punch, Shaolin Monks traning, Human metabolism and so on .

Pro Armwrestler vs Bodybuilder

One Inch Punch (By Bruce Lee)

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Interesting and informative video, thanks for posting that. As an older guy, I've found that a gym workout is a great thing to maintain strength, without stressing my aching joints. Running and cycling, for me, can increase damage due to repetitive motion injury. Nor do I have the heart function for significant aerobic activities. So, the gym it is. I can sit down between sets and catch my breath.


I'm never going to be a bodybuilder, but there is no question the gym has helped me maintain the strength I easily had when I was younger. Without the gym, I was declining and finding myself unable to lift objects that were easy just a few years ago.

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