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I am supposed to shoot up a six-minute speech along with a presentation at a competition nearby. The topic is "Harnessing Light: Possibilities and Challenges"

Therefore, my question is what do you think are the possibilities and challenges of harnessing light? I am supposed to stick to the topic entirely, and that is what makes it difficult. 

I would be glad if some knowledgeable person shares his/her knowledge and views!

Thank you! :-)

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I guess it might mean something like using the photons momentum to convert it to momentum of a sail or something like that (meaning using somehow the energy carried by light for something)?

Or following this link http://www.quora.com/What-are-the-possibilities-and-challenges-of-harnessing-light it seems just to mean "do stuff with light".

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if you could harness light you could make things invisible. you could produce enormous amounts of electricity.  you could dump it into a particle and blow up the solar system. a whole bunch of fun stuff.

We can do all that stuff now (well, other than blowing up the solar system) with the light we harness,

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