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Just Saw A Star Dissappear Topic 2

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Hey, I Love astronomy and have been watching the stars alot lately. I live in Norway so the stars I generally see are the orion belt, Rigel, Betelguese, bellatrix and sirius. 


I was walking down to my grandmom and I looked at the orions belt, and 2 fists away from it, facing south I saw a brighter star than Sirius. So I was curious that I have never seen it before, So I tried searching, after 20 mins it was still there, maybe a little dimmer, then after 40 minutes I walked back and it was gone.


It can't be a supernova I guess, nor was it really twinkling.


Im thinking maybe it was Jupiter? or a close planet that reflected much of the sunlight? This was at around 5-6 PM Norwegian time today. Any ideas?

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Hey I live in Switzerland. I saw a Star increase and decrease its Luminosity within seconds. I Sat out observing this object from 22.20 to about 23.50 LocalTime. I was able to rule out clouds because of a dim star not far away from the Anomaly, which was clearly visible throughout the time. At times it would shine brighter than every other star i have seen in the nightsky and then it would dim down to nearly nothing. I have no idea what i just witnessed. Tried to find someone who saw the same thing in my region. Your the closest.. Cheers



PS: Lightpolution was very low.. was next to a big graveyard.

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At naked eye level, stars do not appear and disappear unless they are novae or supernovae in which case lots will be written about them on astronomy sites and in magazines, and maybe even in newspapers. Earth satellites move at a noticeable rate so can be ruled out as can meteors which if they enter our atmosphere are gone in seconds. If Jupiter or Venus, it would stay bright.


Could it have been a weather balloon, up high enough to reflect sunlight while the Earth below is dark, then either sinking or the Earth turns sufficiently that it loses sunlight?

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