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Downtime In Espionage

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When those in power are bored, who do they spy on?

Do they just watch the sports?

You have all that technology at your disposal, and you know that your days are numbered, especially so because you must be doing a great job.


It is already obvious what they do, but now that alot of us are aware of what they do in thier spare time, how do thier conversations go? What do they talk about?


I think they enjoy spying on people based on thier interests.


They may start spying on simple folk, the type that are watching the sports, but these guys aren't working they don't actually do anything anymore, so they may switch too more elaborate scenes. Hospitals would be interesting, they could place bets.


Maybe more moeny would be great: How about detailing and profiling everything there is too know about those with the most assets. We know that this happens already, but what does it get used for? , and once those people have been extorted, do they continue to spy on them; maybe the conversations are good.

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What does this have to do with linguistics?

 People have private conversations, when they know they are not being observed.

Language that is public, is quite different too that which is acquired by those that have a taste for 'better things'.

Some cultures would be interesting too look over the shoulders of.


Listening in, wouldn't stop at just linguistics, and writing styles. You (as a bored spy) would want more...like what happens in the bedroom, maybe the karma sutra is missing a couple pages.

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