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Have you ever visited a city? Did you notice the pidgeons? It never occurred to me that I actually really enjoyed the guys. There was always a little stumpy one with the get go to attack the others to try and get a bite. There were the albino and half albino ones, that you wondered to yourself, I wonder if they will find a wife?


The pidgeons from cities are gone. Is the place better now?


I remember thinking to myself, the last time they were there, we don't own the city, they do.

I wonder where they all went? To heaven, no they didn't...they all just died of old age.


The city and the people that work there, the new generation...I toast their intelligence.


Such ugly creatures, they are rats, rats with wings, and they defecate without asking or

so much as a courtesy to say excuse me.


It was good luck, to be in the city.


I think It's time a more intelligent species did the bombing.


The Shitty people.

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I appreciate Bird life in all its forms.. The fact Pigeons can live in a city is also another reason to like them more.

Nikola Tesla spent his last remaining years feeding the Pigeons... So have many writers and artists..



You want to call Pigeons filthy, ErlyRisa,??  as you flush your **** into the water system everyday and toss out God know's how much garbage yourself??  I'm pretty sure a little white pigeon guano is better for the environment, and much lesser,  than all your Trash excrement you put out by the curbside each week.


Pigeons played important roles in world wars, deliving messages.. And since when have you ever been assaulted or diminished by a pigeon??


Your accusation is offensive.

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Cher Ami is a famous example.....



 I used to feed Pigeons on my way to work in Portland, Oregon.. I'd buy raw sunflower seeds, and carry them with me to the transit station.. And guess what?? They actually recognized me after I stepped off the bus...


I'd get off the bus, to wait for the next one, and they would flock around...

I'd spend $1 or $2 in raw sunflower seeds,,,

 and spread them around... I could even distinguish different personalities among the Pigeons.


But they actually recognized me when I got off the bus... They'd all flock down in anticipation of sunflowerseed..


A Pigeons life is a hard one.. No need to push them even harder and to hate on them...  

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It's like talking to a wall...that is trying to make me write more.


Hmmm let me see, Raccoons? Nahh I've never seen one in real life, it's not my poetry.


Pidgeons are being killed off in many cities around the world. The techinque is building them a cosy Pidgeon shelter, and collecting their eggs.


The forum topic is "I used to like Pidgeons" , the assumption the reader is supposed to make is that either the writer can't get to a city, or returned to find that the pidgeons are gone.

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the assumption the reader is supposed to make is that either the writer can't get to a city, or returned to find that the pidgeons are gone.

I think the assumption that most people made was that you no longer like pigeons. Because that's the natural assumption when someone says "I used to X" the assumption is "I no longer X". Hence the humor in Mitch Hedberg's

I used to do drugs. I still do, but I used to, too.

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