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The Way 'they' Might See It?


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I know that the near east dislikes the west. why is this? there must be a reason? i have previously found that reason, but, have forgotten what it is. so, i will try to explain it again.


Imagine you are trying to do something in your country, or, your household. then, the west is to tell you how to do it. it is your country, but you may not do this or that because someone with more bullets says you cannot. that is not the real problem though.


Imagine you were to see some entity going into a war zone and reaping what they want from them? imagine that for everything you do, you are told you are wrong, are booed, are shown by some person that they are better than you, or more educated, or whatever. imagine that they come and kill every person that holds authority.


Now, when they stick their nose into your country, they want to change it to be like theirs. then, they try to install puppets for them to control. then, they steady up the state with things you really want. this is nice. then, there are fewer jobs. then, there are flags everywhere, your flags are stripped down. your leaders and values are no longer what is in place.


If that is not enough, the west will change your languages, change your currency, change the way you live. if you were to walk into someone else's house and tell them how to live, how would they feel? how would you support the bombings of people in the name of justice? how would you explain the killing of people for the sake of being right? is murder right? does the west go to war for little reason at all? wherever there is a conflict, there is the west trying to get something out of it, and, what else could the 'incentive' be? imagine, now, if you were trying to marry a new wife, then someone comes along and tells you it is evil? Moses had many wives, didn't he?


That is the best way i can see the west from the third world, it is a bit blurry, but of course i remember hitting the nail on the head a while ago, on a different forum, one i am banned from for personal reasons.


But, the west will always try to change the way things work, they will get involved and violent in any conflict. the people are told they are trying to settle the conflict, but wars cost money. how do the people feel about paying for these wars? what is actually happening? let's look at Iraq, something that is basically over... what happened? what happened in Afghanistan? what happened in Syria with the mass slaughter, i mean, there were people getting shot for no reason, but they concentrate on Afghanistan because they affect them. there is always an incentive, and, if the western people think their state is that holy, then can they please tell me why? there is no such thing as altruism, i suggest, and that there are no more efforts for places like Somalia, or even against F.A.R.C.

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They're not that bad.


eg. Yugoslavia - cut the electricity, see what the people doo = war over.


The west just want everyone to STOP fighting, and to start fighting via Business.

Of course N.Korea is an example where no-one knows what todo. (Business is slow)


...and then the Greenpeace movement comes along: in-which that model of thinking requires everyone to live in the stone age OR in perfectly laser built concrete boxes.


The system has never been so confusing: Almost all vocal members are smart/stupid in one form or another. Personally I am with the space agency type people --> I do not care, I am trying to find a method to leave permanently....and if less people were so sure about leaving thier culture for thier offspring based on what country they reside, then their would be no-war, only crime.


ie. In the west - where most of the people were once residents of some of those countries still at war today...still keep their culture, but are not vocal about it. Instead, they are actually inviting of their heritage to those that feel as though its something new, rather than pushing it on others as tantamount rule.


One rule that the west has broken recently (but did it too its own people) is privacy. The funniest part it's the most vocal and intelligent that lost privacy first.


It's an interesting transition into a world of complete peace for the next generation. The kids growing up now share a common culture based on technology, and will not fight amongst themselves...ie borders may become a thing of the past.


Please thank the internet.


...but also be scared that the planet is slowly dying due to overpopulation.

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Rarely am I confronted with such a jumbled mass of crap that I don't know where to begin.


Your analysis of the former Republic of Yugoslavia is simplistic at the most charitable level.  You've entirely ignored the social and religious differences between the combatants.  I haven't a clue what you are trying to proclaim regarding the Korean peninsula, as the claim that "business is slow" is neither particularly useful nor does it seem to be applicable in any way to the political situation there.


Do you, ErlyRisa, actually have any intelligent thing to say on the subject, or are you using this forum as a sounding board for your half-cocked, idiotic ramblings?

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