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I'd like to introduce myself: I am small game developer and I have nothing to do with science. I really don't know anything about science! Me and a small team of developers are now creating a game and in that game we are very interested in exploring the Holographic Universe. I am working on the game design aspect and one of my responsibilities is the concept and story of our game.

It is really important for us that we create a coherent story that embraces the idea of the Holographic Universe. We have already read a lot about it and seen videos etc etc. Although, because such a subject is really difficult to understand I would like some help and I believe your knowledge is very valuable.


So here's a small bullet point list with things I'd love to understand: (also anything related to the Holographic Universe that you can explain easily is welcome)


- Holographic Bounds (ex.  Bekenstein bound)

- Information theory in a Holographic Universe

- Shannon Entropy

- Are we the "2D" part of the universe or the "3D"?

- How would one travel through a holographic universe?

- Does it have dimensions?

- Does everything physical have a 2D bound?

- Can a universe have an end and how does that work in a holographic universe?


- What would you like to see/hear in a game that surrounds the holographic universe?

- And most important: running themes in the holographic universe (ex. information, dimensions, 2D etc)


The last one is the most important since themes can be used to be explored through storytelling and as gameplay.


Thank you so much for your time. If you could try explaining everything as if talking to a 12 year old, that'd be great!

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