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I joined this forum almost two years ago to ask a single question in the pursuit of understanding something that I don't yet understand (perhaps its even just a fiction).


Two years has gone by and I'm still dealing with the changes in my life that begun my drive on this topic.


I guess that the closest I can come to expressing the "thing" I seek is what is the underlying principle in the "Dust" concept in that book called Permutation City.


I understood that a rules simulation was built on a computer which was also iteratively built and that the patterns which were created to "simulate" the computer to then allow the simulation to be "run" on it were based on an idea. I wonder if that idea is morphic resonance.


None the less I still search for any concepts which may help me to reconcile the idea that the energies of our minds could perhaps continue independently of our physical selves (given that string theory suggests even reality is an image anyway).


I wrote a rambling post on my blog attempting to cover what I'm getting at here

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