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I was skimming over this and I guess I might be out of the loop but I thought we already knew this? Was it really a mystery? Did we just know they did it or did we have any idea how it happens? The story is pretty brief with what they say. Does anyone here work a field that could shed some light on it?

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Yes, somewhat. I was kind of shocked because I thought this was "old news", we knew how it was done but we just had no way to reproduce the same thing in humans (say those who have lost a limb for anything from diabetes to a war hero).


The article I read talked about how they were using gene sequencing technology in order to try and learn more, then mentioned it had more to do with embryonic development. I am hoping they can dig a little further into this because I could see all types of medical breakthroughs if we could find a way to replicate it in humans.

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