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Regurtitation And Black Holes

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Blackholes ... we don't know what "levels" maybe inside, does the info regurgitate and fold my like the magnetic residue of a sun ball ,that vents and regurgitates info into itself? ; which is in effect a "display" for those with the resolution(pixel comprehension) to comprehend such an action?


Is this a discussion topic for a magazine?

Does it require math?

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Neutrons can exist in neutron stars which can have an escape velocity of 2/3 c.


We have no evidence that fundamental particles like electrons have any smaller forms, so no evidence that a black hole can crush them out of existence. If matter could be crushed out of existence, surely gravity (so the black hole itself) would vanish too? Possibly inside a black hole is a spinning sphere of fundamental particles?


Though the ball would spin at virtually light speed, the material itself would be capable of zero movement within the sphere. So there would be the inner sphere and the event horizon and nothing between other than incoming material.


We are told that nothing can escape a black hole, but gravity (which travels at light speed) certainly does, and magnetism may too. Do photons escape too, red shifted as far as possible into the gamma (or beyond?) Too much is taken for granted with black holes.


Maths here may cloud the issue since it is using the definite to decide on the speculative.

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eg. Black hole - "eats" ... but for stability it "regurgitates". - much like any other living being.

Black holes aren’t “living beings” with biological metabolism and digestive systems, so understand if you’re using words like “eat” and “regurgitate”, you must be doing so metaphorically. I’d avoid doing this, because it can confuse people unfamiliar with the relevant science, and because I think astronomical object = biological organism analogies are rarely very helpful.


If you read popular science, you’ll find lots of references to black holes spewing huge amounts of gas and dust. It’s important to understand that what’s being described here is matter being drawn close to the black hole, where it is heated, in an “accretion disk” so intensely that it is expelled, sometimes in narrow “jets” not in the direction of the plane of the disk, but of its poles. This to-be-ejected matter never gets within the Schwarzschild radius (also called the event horizon) of the black hole. If it did, it could never be expelled.


Once matter or radiation is within a BH’s event horizon, the only way currently known to physics for it to get out is as Hawking radiation. This isn’t really the matter escaping, but rather its gravity effecting space just outside the EH in a way that creates photons. As the energy for these photons must come from somewhere, the mass of the BH is slightly reduced as they’re emitted. According to this well-respected theory, if more energy is emitted via Hawking radiation than the energy of the matter and radiation entering the BH, it will slowly lose mass, eventually “evaporating” into nothing.


Unlike familiar objects such as stars and animals, the rate at which Hawking radiation is emitted (power, which equals energy / time), P, is not directly proportional to a BH’s mass M, but inversely, given by [math]P = \frac{k}{M^2}[/math], (where k is a constant) so the bigger a BH is, the more slowly it radiates and evaporates. This explains why long-lived, tiny black holes aren’t found, and why we don’t need to worry about accidentally creating them with particle colliders – they evaporate too quickly. It also explains why we don’t see star-mass black holes evaporating (which would be very bright, high-energy events) – a “just right” mass object that could have formed less than about 13,000,000,000 years ago, and just now have evaporated, would be such a rare natural occurrence that it’s never happened.

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