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Economics: Stranded In A Vr Holosuite


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Being stranded on an island is somewhat romantic.

What if your locked in a box without the need for nourishment, and the requirement is for your mental state to be kept in a state that "agrees" with society outside of the box, so that if you are ever released you would be comfortable outside. What are the requirements? Cartoons? External News? Drama?


What if: You could create a different person based on say "votes", somewhat like the Lab Rats used in the show Big Brother...what would the external society vote for as the "perfect doctored human".

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Too add:


Perfect Human... Does it require parents/siblings? Does it require the social graces of society? Where would the human be placed once outside of the box? -if its to be a process worker than you would think that it doesn't need as much as what an office worker would need as "reward in life".


Is the ultimate reward too reproduce? (pass genes on), or to watch and enjoy being a part of a community? , is that about being an ultimate entity? or is that just about plain joy.


What if you could convince the human that they are a robot? Does that not mean that it would be easier too just amplify human capability beyond neighbouring typical animal capability (Astro Boy).



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