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Has anyone taken a class in this area before? What did you learn and can you suggest any books that I might want to read? I am kind of curious about my own kids, and I don't really remember being a kid so maybe something simple (please)?

Obvious answer: I reccomend NOT reading any books and enjoying your children while they still are. In todays day and age (ITDA) they're pensioners at 12 and it takes them 2 years too realise that ITDA the only recourse to get a head (PUN coming up(nested PUN & PUN+) is prostitution.


Don't bother with over doing the "teaching" ... let them be, and observe from affar (Take a happy snap or two, you never know they may appreciate it one day (especially if you don't post it for their future employer too see))

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Beat your children with a switch, everyday...


If you do not know why, THEY do....


J/k ....or am I ... o.O


My dad beat me and my brother with a belt when we were terrible.


To this day we know we deserved it.


My dad said it hurt him to do it more than it did us, and I believe him still.


A swat on the butt wont kill your child nor will it make you a bad parent.


Kids learn boundaries from their parents.


In the end, it depends on the kid.



Sue me! I'm from a different day when sexual assaults were not an every day occurance, and kids respected their Moms and Dads!

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