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A Fingerprint That Works Like A Credit Card

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Well, that's what the press release says. Apple's got their own payment system already--although they have not put in near-field-communication for payment yet--and they had fingerprint recognition in the iPhone 5s.


There's a war on between the two. I'd take any of the claims of either company with a Block of Salt.



Advertising is a valuable economic factor because it is the cheapest way of selling goods, particularly if the goods are worthless, :phones:


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Bio-scanners don't seem a fraction as significant in the advancement of human economies the way cryptocurrencies do, but maybe that's because they aren't.


I also think that as 3d printers start to rise, the more finessed ones will allow you to print finger-pad textures, making it very easy to trick these kinds of biometric sensors.

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This might be a gory remark, but I still believe it is relevant, especially when this fingerprint technology is introduced in a country where violence is not an unfamiliar sight (I have lived in such a country for some time). Fingerprint signatures have the unfortunate potential of replacing current credit card fraud. The problem is, it might be at the expense of victims being killed and having their fingers cut off by criminals in certain situations.


I tend to agree with Snax - the use of cryptocurrencies deserves a closer look.

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