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The Ultimate Relief To Existentiality


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is masturbation, really relief.


It is an act of existentiality, is it not?


If I am alone.

Then I, ponder.



that I amy wander with that which I have seen before,

but in the setting

that I



but, now that I play with myself

I have come to see.

That to masturbate

that is the true gift

the gift

that GOD gave to me.



I don't do it in haste

I do it in pleasure.


Is it you I think about?

Of course

That would make you proud

that you have been placed

at my beckoning


to throb, at your desire


Now that's

existential thinking

to want


which I ignored.






I would like to see an anthropological paper on that --> was the first scientist

the one that invented fire,

just an existentialist?

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Okay, I'll be the bold one who actually responds to this. 


Masturbation is simply another form of sex. To quote the great Hunter S. Thompson: “Sex without love is as hollow and ridiculous as love without sex.” 


Masturbation is taking the easy way out. I've been working since I was 14 years old and have always had a fierce work ethic whether it comes to a paying job or working on a relationship. 


To be of the mindset  "I think, therefore I am" is good for brandy-soaked conversation by a fireplace with a blizzard raging outside. To take that mindset into the working world is a fools game. No one actually lives the way they think when they get deep with it. This is not a deep, real world. It's a shallow and materialistic one and you have to play that part if you want to get along.


Existential thinking has it's place in the world, but since this world is so advanced and most of the questions that come out of that way of thinking have either been answered or written off as being subjective, that place is on the fringe. It's in the shadows or in the back-alley pubs at closing time. 


In short.........stop it. Just.........stop it.

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I actually luaghed at the...


Stop ...it, Just Stop...it responce,


(ie - I am the *ank*r, that can't stop masturbating)


--I actually don't know where it came from (the poem)


If you look at its structure it can be re-applied quite easily for most professions - ie. Instead of eistentiality it could be...


somewhat reworded for lawyers or politicians for example... I think it may make a pretty good greating card. (With work)

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Jacking off is an expression of the "WILL". when you do it, your whole universe is contained within the action you are performing. And everything ceases to exists.


Or am just full of ****.

Many, people ponder about where fire came from...


no-one really asks the question about where masturbation came from? It is just as an important scientific discovery as the wheel! What would we do without it!

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