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After reading about a TV program in the UK, on animal intelligence and seeing that communal or social animals are the most intelligent, this leads me to wonder if we make Go(o)d in our unity and the Devil by our disunity? In other words does society, working together as a community, make the world what it is and criminals working against that unity, not only destroy it but indicate that stupidity and selfishness go together as does intelligence and generosity of spirit? Think of expression as being pro-life and suppression as being anti-life / light: In other words outward movement in the world, coming from release of energy (trust), builds what we see around us and its opposite pulls down reality (This is the science behind how humanity works as a creative or destructive force in the world and can be measured thus). If the body works this way as united whole (cells, organs, bacteria living in symbiosis) then society to work must also be composed of different elements that makes up a whole also (we need differentiation to carry out different tasks but conformity occurs (all hands to the pumps) when danger threatens the whole organism: In other words we need to stop seeing things in terms of 'either / or' and instead see them as both this 'and' that, completing a unity of opposites).


See Levity & Gravity illustrations at www.pinterest.com/paigetheoracle/ufo-sci-fi/

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