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The Higgs boson is the source of the mass of the assumption itself is self-contradictory

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The Higgs boson is the source of the mass of the assumption itself is self-contradictory

Zhou Jian (周坚)/ July 8, 2012


from the CMS and ATLAS Collaboration scientists announced in Beijing July 4 afternoon, they in large European Hadron Collider "God particle, the Higgs boson, we have been the major sites massive reports, ecstatic. Really, I had really thought discovered the "God particle", did not expect to know from the facts of the expert's report to confirm the discovery of the "God particle" at least more than 1 year even longer, there may be also need to create a linear electron-positron collider for further careful study. Hey, I really do not know what to say, the first reaction is: unrecognized announced, ulterior motives.


Something of the science is very strict, especially its logic.


I was not in particle physics, the author further in-depth study of the photograph given in 1998 by Perlmutter and Reiss, scientists discovered that the universe is accelerating expansion of the supernova Hubble diagram, in case there is no outside the box constraints (fortunately I did not bogged down in the quagmire of big bang cosmology, otherwise now quiet and precise expansion of Cosmology monograph complacent completed on June 29, 2008, to explain the universe is how accurate expansion for the big bang cosmology into precise description of and work), from naturally found a Zhou Jian’s law on June 29, 2008, Zhou Jian coordinate system based on the Cartesian coordinate system, and promote the use of algebraic methods (analytical method) to solve the problem of the analytical cosmology was born on March 8, 2009.


In order to solve the problems of our observable universe, the Higgs boson "God particle", although problems in particle physics, but I must also give a positive interpretation, we must answer in the end it is the presence or absence not answer with a little bit ambiguous, and must make the affirmative choice between existence and nonexistence.


Indeed, this is trouble for ourselves, you know, countless top scientists are to work for it, they pour cold water is simply reckless, arrogant, kick against the pricks behavior, you think you are! But as the discovery of the discoverer of the Zhou Jian’s law as the creation of analytical cosmology founder, it is the bounden duty of human development, the obligations entrusted to us by these explorers.


To answer the problem of the existence of the Higgs boson the "God particle", we must know what it is in the end.


We know that in nature, the interaction force between the objects can be divided into four kinds, namely, gravitational force (gravity), the electromagnetic force, strong interaction and weak interaction force. Einstein's theory of relativity gravity, theoretical physicists began to try to establish a unified model, in order to explain the three kinds of force by the interaction of all particles, which is the standard model. The model of elementary particles is divided into three categories, quarks, leptons and bosons predicted the existence of 62 kinds of elementary particles. With the experimental physicist who made the greater the accelerator more, unknown particles of the standard model predicts that all appeared in the laboratory, only the most important Higgs boson is still "at large".


Yes ah, the Higgs boson is the cornerstone of the entire standard model, which 61 of the 62 elementary particles in the construction of more made the greater the accelerator was found, but to no avail, we must find 62, the last one called the Higgs boson, is really a "God particle", it found that the decision whether or not the 61 previously found that the fate of particles, you know, if it existence, constitute everything in our universe there is no quality. Really terrible standard model, this assumption is established or not the "God particle" the existence of our universe, including the fate of our humanity hanging it, our universe, including our human in front of us, the Higgs boson "God particle" does not exist.


"God particle" Why is this so critical? The key is that it is the source of the material quality, the quality of all the material in the universe is called the Higgs boson "God particle", conferred by the charity are This also includes our humanity, Otherwise, the standard model can not be justified.


We now look at how it can not be justified. According to the theory of the Higgs, the Higgs boson is the quality of other particles. Cruising in the "sea" of the Higgs boson by its role arising from inertia, finally have the quality. Then all the particles interact in the framework of the three kinds of force except through gravity, unification under the "standard model", built into the wider world. If the Higgs boson does not exist, we now observed cosmic wonders are impossible, this is because there is no quality of particles such as photons, they are running the speed of light, which leads to all particles to the speed of light through the universe.


From the point of view of the assumptions of the standard model, the Higgs boson the "God particle" must exist, otherwise all other particles have no mass. However, it does not know that we thought not, according to the scientists report in the latest experiment of the Large Hadron Collider to find the Higgs boson the "God particle":


CMS: Higgs quality 125.3 GeV, the confidence level of 4.9 sigma is.


ATLAS: the Higgs quality 126.5 GeV, local confidence level of 5 sigma.


Haha, the "God particle" quality results also give a degree of confidence. Will the quality of the "God particle" is what gives, we can imagine, the "God particle" is not only the other particles formed the basis of quality, but also form the basis of their own quality, like a child who is not his mother gave birth to conferred life, but he gave birth to their own and give yourself a life, which in itself is not logical, self-contradictory, contrary to the natural attributes of material existence.


Now we go back one step in terms of even such a Higgs boson is the formation of all particle mass, the "God particle", the Big Bang is given a quality of all particles, so that all particles do not like photon as the speed of light through the universe. But do not know that we thought not, after the Big Bang "singularity" is not in accordance with the speed of light in the expansion of the universe, but skyrocketing in the form of the universe rapidly disappearing, this can the symbols we observed in homogeneous isotropic Space features. Hard to imagine it, "God particle" should not the big bang "singularity" of the moment, but the quality of produce in the universe is disappearing soaring "Ocean", this first quality "Ocean" The only particle in the "Ocean" cruising is logical, but the standard Big Bang model tells us that all particles are the product of the singular point of the "big bang, I really do not know how to do in the universe so uniformly distributed cruising Is they are also in the universe is rapidly disappearing boom, Should be generated after the "Ocean" soared to the formation of quality. As a result, the supremacy of the big bang "singularity" simply did not produce any particles, the result of an explosion it is just the expansion of the universe (what in the expansion of the universe we do no need to care for him), to determine the degree of expansion of the universe even subsequent surge, soaring rapidly disappearing universe (of course, the surge mechanism we simply can not care for him), so that the universe homogeneous and isotropic appearance in line with what we observed. Hey, guess guess assumptions do not need what kind of logic, the more absurd arguments the more mysterious, it simply will not let us know the true situation.


Haha, you do not understand it, this is our subjective ideas, the natural attributes of material existence, we can all aside, what cosmological principle, we need only the mysterious principle. You know, because of this paradox was given to this mysterious, we have a growing, growing, growing ... the accelerator, in order again in the future to build a more big, bigger, bigger ...... accelerator, will have more, more, more ...... idiot to this exploration to continue, continue, continue ...... conducted 13.7 billion years to make We have the opportunity to achieve, achieve, achieve ... the journey of through time and space, to let us back, back, back to ... our own past.


We humans Yeah, wake up. We humans own in order to deep space in the universe never survive, we must abandon the sinking of what the elixir of life to find, must be down to earth down the face of the natural properties of material existence, it must abandon all assumptions and unrealistic . We really can not guess guess to guess a waste of our own human valuable and the only time, time! Time! We humans from now to turn things around in time, enough time! Enough time!


In this article sign off on the occasion, as the discoverer of the Zhou Jian’s law, as analytical cosmology founder, I here solemnly report, report! Report! Higgs boson the "God particle" cosmic mystery of the product, it certainly does not exist! Does not exist! Does not exist!


According to reports, before the LHC startup, Hawking had charge over $ 100 bet, bet on the "God particle" can not be found. Hawking Mr. seems to throw in the towel, I just want to say that the rules of the game is the system of five strikes and three wins, this is just the first round how you will be able to throw in the towel it? Do you have your own correct understanding of the doubt? !

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Analytic Astronomy:Celebrates ZHOU Jian's Law discovered 5st Anniversary

ZHOU Jian / June 29, 2013


[Core tips] June 29, 2008 On this day, a discovery will change our view of the universe: the human finally supernova Hubble diagram based on the further study found a relevant light (electromagnetic radiation) in the dissemination process of the natural propagation, in order to facilitate the application, its discoverer, has used his name to call it law firm for the week. Prior to this, the scientists distant supernovae Hubble diagram based study discovered that the universe is accelerating expansion, and in the moment, who lives in southern China's Guangxi Liuzhou Liu Long Road 611 Liubei people - ZHOU Jian, he also based on Hubble diagram of distant supernovae studies have found that about light (electromagnetic radiation) in the dissemination process of the natural propagation - ZHOU Jian's law, was a miracle ah, the Chinese miracle. Five years, due to the persistent pursuit discoverer, now, ZHOU Jian's law has nothing to do with astronomy and algebra these two disciplines together tightly. Today is the ZHOU Jian's Law discovered 5st Anniversary, to celebrate birthdays, its discoverer, formally proposed a combination of astronomy and algebra analytic astronomy to be reporting to you in the form of series of pictures to show the application of analytical results of astronomy, anyway, this is unprecedented, and no person of the historic discovery, this is our earth people in the natural sciences in a major discovery.


Analytic Astronomy: (1) Basic Concepts


Analytic astronomy, also known coordinate Astronomy, is to use algebraic methods to study astronomy. Cartesian coordinate system commonly used to study the distribution of celestial bodies, motion, position, status, structure, composition, nature and the origin and evolution, with equations or equations to express the many features of celestial bodies.

Analytic astronomy can be simply explained as: the use of numerical methods to define the static characteristics of celestial bodies, dynamic characteristics and evolution, and extract observational data, and this observation is based on data output equations or equations of the form .


Analytic astronomy is a combination of astronomy and algebra basis of a new discipline, it inherits the mantle of astronomy to observe the experimental method, by observing celestial bodies to collect a variety of information, such information will eventually be converted into equations or equations, thus reflecting the celestial state of existence in space, while the combination of astronomy and algebra based theory is the ZHOU Jian's law, at this moment is a proposed resolution analytic astronomy of ZHOU Jian's law discovered 5st anniversary is the best birthday anniversary celebration.


Analytic Astronomy: (2) Basic Methods


The basic method of analysis astronomy, the first is the astronomical phenomenon as "point" to study, and this "point" is defined as the phenomenon of astronomical observation points, followed by a Cartesian coordinate system, the establishment of astronomical phenomena between the point and the real number one relationship, and astronomical phenomena observed one correspondence between equations, and this one to one relationship building is the ZHOU Jian's law, and finally the use of algebraic methods to study astronomy questions or problems to study astronomy algebra problems.


Analytic astronomy to algebra and analytical methods used to study astronomical systems, digital - Sky combines the ideas and methods of our communication bridge algebra and astronomy, observational astronomy from the bridge over to analytic astronomy.

Thus, this use of algebraic methods to study astronomy's basic approach is a real analytic method, and is the basic analytical method involving astronomy, we have every reason to call this analytical method astronomical analytical method. Today is the ZHOU Jian's law discovered 5st anniversary, to celebrate the birthday, we wish this astronomical analytical method will be used as the discoverer named ZHOU Jian analytical method. ZHOU Jian analytical method is the basic method of the analytic astronomy.


Analytic Astronomy: (3) Scientific significance


Analytic Astronomy scientific significance mainly in that it provides the number - Sky combines ideologically. In this thought under the guidance of an astronomical object is the number (coordinates) are fully characterized, astronomical phenomena can be expressed as algebraic form, all the characteristics of celestial bodies can be expressed through algebraic methods; conversely, it makes algebraic language to get astronomical explanation, so that algebraic language with intuitive astronomical significance, we can get out and get inspired by new conclusion. In short, the idea of making analytic algebra and astronomy astronomical harmony, complement each other, which will promote the development by leaps and bounds both for human progress inject positive energy. Of course, here we should also point out that this idea reflected in the view, with methodological significance, not only for the study of mathematics, but also to deal with the problem and the universe astronomy issues are very important scientific significance.


Emergence of the analytic astronomy, so astronomy into mathematics, astronomy which is provide a much-needed tool. Coordinate the application of the phenomenon of astronomical observations into equation into the celestial characteristic equation, the equation of evolution of celestial bodies into the extremely complex astronomical research object into a very familiar mathematical research object, this whole concept of change, will revolutionize astronomy current chaotic situation, and directly contributed to this change is a native Chinese scientist ZHOU Jian, he knew he discovered the importance of law firm of weeks, the necessity of creation of analytical cosmology, analytical astronomy proposed usefulness.


Let us resolve astronomy made to realize the combination of astronomy and algebra, the planetarium and the number unify, which undoubtedly we really paved the way for a correct understanding of the universe.


Analytic Astronomy: (4) History


1929 American astronomer Hubble first discovered planets growing larger distance between the phenomenon and proposed expansion of the universe theory, this discovery led directly to the Russian-born American astrophysicist George Gamow's "The Big Bang Theory," he says our universe was born about 13.7 ± 0.2 billion years of a big bang, galaxies receding celestial reason it was this big bang momentum caused.


Since then, astrophysics sector has always believed that the universe was expanding at a constant speed until the University of California, Berkeley astrophysicist Saar • Matt Ball, American / Australian physicist Brian Schmidt and • U.S. scientist Adam Reese • the three scientists in 1998 and made public: the expansion rate is not constant but not accelerate more slowly but constantly being faster.


Henceforth, astrophysics sector has always believed that the universe is accelerating expansion, until June 29, 2008, Chinese scientists ZHOU Jian in-depth study in 1998 found that the universe is accelerating expansion of the supernova Hubble diagram of the process, accidentally discovered supernova distribution best fit the piece of cosmological model parameters ΩM = 0.28, ΩΛ = 0.72 theoretical curve, even able to use a very simple magnitude - redshift relation to completely replace, which discovered the light (electromagnetic radiation) in the dissemination of during the propagation distance propagation and transmission wavelength with increasing distance from a regular shift to the red end of the natural amount of relative displacement - ZHOU Jian redshift proportional to the ZHOU Jian redshift plus 1 and inversely proportional to a new law of nature, and named for the ZHOU Jian’s law.


March 8, 2009, Chinese scientists ZHOU Jian in the "Analytical Cosmology" [ZHOU Jian, Analytical Cosmology. China,2009-A-020687] proposed a basic method of parsing the universe. Written opinion to resolve this exploratory work as a ZHOU Jian's law discovered 5st anniversary on the occasion of the celebration today resolved to provide a solid foundation for the analytical astronomy. Really unthinkable ah, ZHOU Jian's Law over five birthday today, analytical astronomy was born, let his ZHOU Jian's Law discovered loudly shouted Come: Analytical astronomy was born! Analytical astronomy was born! ! Analytical astronomy was born! ! ! Let him excited solemnly announced to the world at this moment: ZHOU Jian's Law consistency characteristics explain the universe is feasible!

Analytic Astronomy: (5) Basic Content


In the analytic astronomy, the primary basic content is the conversion,is to convert Sky "points", the "point" we define it as a astronomical phenomena point, the next the basic content is to establish, is to create space (or plane) Cartesian coordinate system , using the Cartesian coordinate system of the astronomical phenomena point and real number (x, y, z) to establish one to one relationship, which is the basis of one to one relationship is established based on the ZHOU Jian's law of direct application, the basic content of the final is output, the output is an equation or equations, and these equations or equations on the expression of celestial objects in space in the presence of features, even if the whole universe exists feature as well.


Thus, the Cartesian coordinates of the corresponding point of the astronomical phenomena and sum, astronomy relations and function close links between functions, we will be able to start from the astronomical observations, through the application of a Cartesian coordinate system, access astronomical phenomena features equations or equations, since achieve a very complex and very sophisticated astronomical research interconversion algebra, let us study astronomical number of studies on the same relationship as exceptionally easy, even cosmogonic problem, too, and even the whole universe eigenvalue problem is no exception.


Analytic Astronomy: (6) Basic Theory


See pictures :http://www.flickr.com/photos/zhoujian59/9143552750/in/photostream/


We know that our eyes have seen the light is visible, we are very familiar with a number of light, then how far does it spread? We can see in the night sky distant stars, which indicates that it can spread very far away, of course, if capable of transmitting visible light infinity, then the earth we live is no day or night, this is the Olbers paradox comes from.


Why is this so? We may assume that there are countless reasons to explain such celestial regression, spatial expansion, etc., but why not from the light (electromagnetic radiation) in the propagation characteristics of the communication process to think about it?

Through experiments, we only know that light (electromagnetic radiation) propagation speed limit is 30 million meters per second, which is the speed of light, if there are other features too? Such as its propagation distance problem, which in the end can spread far? I do not know, maybe we think it can spread infinity (which is the current mainstream understanding), but it will bring Olbers paradox problem, so let us into another with a hypothesis to explain the cycle of hypothetical assumptions , for example, with inflation theory to explain the Big Bang theory of the universe can not explain the flatness problem, and now have to use the multiverse "cosmic bubble" theory to explain the theory of inflation left in the cosmic microwave background radiation pattern in the presence of a very large "cold point" (Planck observations).


No, we have to try new theory anyway, to find a breakthrough. We know that our observable universe is based on all the information light (electromagnetic radiation) in the dissemination process spread before us is the result of our observations, so we certainly observable universe with light (electromagnetic radiation) in the communication process the propagation characteristics relevant.


Look! When we Ia supernovae in the Hubble diagram drawn constitutes a supernova Hubble diagram, when we called in accordance with the standard Big Bang cosmology theory to study it, we discovered that the universe is accelerating expansion, which is won the 2011 Nobel Prize in Physics Saarland • Matt Ball, Brian Schmidt and Adam • Reece • the three scientists in 1998 findings. However, when we follow the simple fitting method to study painting supernova Hubble diagram, we discovered that light (electromagnetic radiation) exists in the communication process with the propagation distance transmission wavelength increases to the red end of the regular natural displacement phenomenon, which is the Chinese ZHOU Jian scientist at June 29, 2008 findings, this phenomenon is named after the discoverer with it is called ZHOU Jian effect, which will use the natural variation of the discoverer named after the ZHOU Jian ‘s law.


ZHOU Jian's law tells us that light (electromagnetic radiation) in the dissemination process exists transmission wavelength propagation distance increases to the red end of the regular natural displacement phenomenon, which is called ZHOU Jian effect, which is similar to the Doppler effect, but does not have any relationship with the Doppler effect.


ZHOU Jian's law also told us that light (electromagnetic radiation) in the dissemination process exists transmission wavelength propagation distance increases to the red end of the regular amount of relative displacement displacement naturally called redshift, in order to distinguish it from the Doppler redshift and other redshift, but also in order to facilitate future studies, we will use the discoverer named, thus it will be defined as the ZHOU Jian redshift this redshift, and used in the "z" behind the footnote of "z" form, ie"zz" to represent.


ZHOU Jian's law and then tell us that light (electromagnetic radiation) in the dissemination process of propagation distance and ZHOU Jian redshift proportional, and ZHOU Jian redshift plus 1 and inversely proportional to the constant of proportionality which it is called ZHOU Jian constants and used in "Z" is followed by a footnote "0" in the form, namely "Z0" to indicate that the Z0 = 13,771,980,862. 5685 light years (ly).


ZHOU Jian's law further tells us that light (electromagnetic radiation) in the communication process there is a limit propagation distance, this limit propagation distance with "Rmax" to indicate that Rmax = 13,771,980,862. 5685 light years (ly), while light (electromagnetic radiation) to complete this limit transmission time interval elapsed from the call light propagation time limits, we use "T max" to indicate that Tmax = 13,771,980,862. 5685 years (ya). Thus, we do not have to explain, people will understand our planet all the studies so far given why the age of the universe at 13.82 billion years to finalize (Planck satellite observations), this is because the light (electromagnetic radiation) completed its limit propagation distance interval is the time elapsed 13.772 billion years.

ZHOU Jian's law further tells us ........ ZHOU Jian's law to tell us something is too much, today is the ZHOU Jian's law found 5ts anniversary, to celebrate birthdays, we will use this piece of the ZHOU Jian's law with light (electromagnetic radiation) the whole process of propagation the basic theory of analytic astronomy picture gallery, to show ZHOU Jian's law tells us everything right, from which we can see not only the ZHOU Jian's law discovered observational basis, but also to be able to see the light (electromagnetic radiation) in the dissemination of the whole process the propagation characteristics at all times, including ZHOU Jian redshift, light propagation distance modulus, light propagation time and other parameters of the process of change.


Analytic Astronomy: (7) Application Examples


See pictures :http://www.flickr.com/photos/zhoujian59/9143552750/in/photostream/


Resolution Astronomy really useful for you? I said rumor, we were still practical application examples to prove it. From there it? From now been identified as one of the oldest star HD 140283 begin.


By astronomical observations, we have obtained the star HD 140283 images [HubbleSite / 2013.3.7] and its redshift (observed redshift) zg = -0.000564 [sIMBAD], visual magnitude m = 7.205 ± 0.020 mag. [Casagrande et al.2010], through the HR diagram analysis, we also informed its equivalent in absolute magnitude M = 3.377 ± 0.027mag. [Howard et al.2013]


Now, based on these known astronomical observations, astronomy analytic theory it with mathematical analysis, from which we can learn more about it. Look! Piece of science release Number. ZHOU-Jian-2013002 analytic series star chart astronomy application examples show, the star HD 140283 Zhou Jian redshift zz = 0.00000001380504, the distance r = 190.123395595 light years (ly), radiated out from its own light (electromagnetic radiation) spread to the propagation time in front of us t = 190.123395595 years (ya), its own Doppler redshift zd = -0.00056401380504 (Doppler redshift is negative, indicating that it is the Doppler blue shift), corresponding to the radial velocity υd = -169.039403 km / s (radial velocity is negative, indicating that it is moving toward the observer comes), which coordinates the celestial coordinates of the spatial position is x = -105.025319 light years (ly ), y = -154.325045 light years (ly), z = -36.060622 light years (ly), now, we get star chart shows itself radiated from the light (electromagnetic radiation) light propagating in all directions propagation equations expression.


In fact, we do not believe this is true, including this writer, too, unless you can verify the results of the experiment are given. ZHOU Jian redshift from the point of view, too small to be observed in the laboratory can not be verified, but in any case we are able to give its distance astronomical observations to verify. Haha, thanks to the Hubble Space Telescope has now, through its precise astronomical observations, we have obtained the oldest star HD 140283 most accurate absolute parallax is 17.15 ± 0.14 milli arc seconds (MAS) [Howard et al.2013], the resolution astronomy is 190.123395595 light years distance given (ly), corresponding to the parallax is 17.155307 milli arc seconds (MAS), the theoretical value fully consistent with astronomical observations.


Piece science release Number. ZHOU-Jian-2013002 analytic astronomy application examples let us see the following:


First, the star HD 140283 astronomical phenomenon, including apparent magnitude, absolute magnitude, redshift (observed redshift), video and other data, converted into stars HD 140283 astronomical phenomenon point, the "point" can be used ZHOU Jian redshift zz, light propagation distance modulus dm, the light propagation time t to represent.


Secondly, the establishment of spatial Cartesian coordinate system, according to the week's law and knowledge of celestial coordinates of the star HD 140283 astronomical phenomena point in Cartesian coordinates and space coordinates of real numbers (x, y, z) for one to one treatment, and treatment the result is to get the star HD 140283 itself radiated light (electromagnetic radiation) into space in all directions in the propagation of light propagation equations, referred to as the star HD 140283 light propagation equations.


Finally, this study light propagation equations, which we learned star HD 140283 every moment of existence in the universe of real-time status.


For example, we have found that the star HD 140283 is a known, has a complete record of the age of the oldest stars, old birthday age may up to 14.5±0.8 billion years [Howard et al.2013], based on the star when we HD 140283 light propagation equations further research will be able to know:


(1) It was born out of the light radiated by the initial (electromagnetic radiation) has completed its limit the spread of the propagation distance cease to exist;


(2) It is at a distance of 13.772 billion years ago today radiated light (electromagnetic radiation) have been gradually completed its limit the spread of the propagation distance cease to exist;


(3) It is at a distance of today's 13.772 billion years after the radiated light (electromagnetic radiation) are gradually ground to its limits the propagation distance of this communication objectives spread, in the dissemination process, its propagation characteristics to ZHOU Jian redshift, the light propagation distance modulus, the light propagation time and other parameters to reflect;


(4) it is emitted from a light (electromagnetic radiation) in the entire communication process in the formation of a radiation center of the sphere with its radius Rmax = 13,771,980,862. 5685 light (ly) of the radial ball form, we will hold the ball of light is defined as the spread of radiation spherical bodies, because the ball is the author's body, this can also be directly used his name to name the ball shape, it is called ZHOU Jian spherical bodies.


In short, from the star HD 140283 radiated out of the light (electromagnetic radiation) all on its corresponding Zhou Jian spherical bodies have been completed or are being spread spread its existence 13.82 billion years older than 14.5 billion years to achieve is a normal phenomenon, we really no need to bother to set the big bang cosmological theories of the universe age set against the observed facts, we must prevent the use of a standard called the big Bang cosmology theory cocoon (get enmeshed in a web of one's own spinning) and unable to extricate themselves..

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