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On 4/12/2013 at 10:05 AM, Deepwater6 said:


I believe there is a way they determined where the cradle of human origin started. A fairly good feat giving how long the evolution process may have taken. Its a fascinating field of study as to where we may started. It's also interesting to see the path our species took out of Africa.

Due to the scarcity of fossils it maybe difficult the determine where or when humans split off from our common ancestor, but one thing can certainly be proved is the fact it happened and there may be a way to determine time and place from existing fossil remains.  

What we should be looking for is hominid fossils with 46 chromosomes instead of human fossils with 48.  

This is overwhelming proof that humans are descendant from a common ancestor of the greater hominid species, to which all great apes belong.

Human Chromosome 2 is a fusion of two ancestral chromosomes,  Alec MacAndrew




All great apes apart from man have 24 pairs of chromosomes. There is therefore a hypothesis that the common ancestor of all great apes had 24 pairs of chromosomes and that the fusion of two of the ancestor's chromosomes created chromosome 2 in humans. The evidence for this hypothesis is very strong.........more.........





The evidence that human chromosome 2 is a fusion of two of the common ancestor's chromosomes is overwhelming.


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