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so i have a friend who's a statist. he really believes government intervention is a good solution to problems. i am a libertarian. i don't think government is a good solution to problems. here is my predictions for the next 20 years.

I, Phillip Brix, being of sound mind and judgment, make the following predictions for the next 20 years of government intervention.

1) either a) the government will stop trying to regulate infrastructure, a majority of roads will fall into disrepair, after two years, many are started to be rebuilt, or B ) the government continues to regulate infrastructure. most roads decline to c grade or worse. (current state: bridges D grade, no plans in budget to rebuilt them.)

2) either a) the government will stop regulating the financial industry. hundreds of thousands of American lose their life savings. however most will still own a home and be capable of working.or B ) the government will continue to regulate the financial industry. 15% of Americans will be homeless and can't work. (current state: The proportion of Americans either working or looking for work dipped one-tenth of a percentage point to 63.5 percent, matching a 30-year low, as 130,000 people without jobs stopped looking. The government doesn't count them as unemployed.)

3) either a) the government will stop regulating the food industry. thousands of people die from food poisoning. or B ) government will continue regulating the food industry. there will be a hidden stipulation in a bill that enables meat producers to put downed cow meat in the food supply. the bill will be called The food preservation act (or something similar). millions will die as a result from passing the bill. (current state: government primary regulator of food industry. inspects meat once every four years.)

4) either a) the government will slash 50% of it's police force in Washington d.c. crime will spike sharply for 2 years and then steadily decline. or B ) the government continues providing the current level of police. Washington d.c becomes the number #15 city for crime, despite having the highest citizen to police force ratio. (current state: Washington d.c. is currently #46 for crime.)

Phillip Brix wagers 2,500 dollars, half his current life savings, all these things will come to pass.

Jeff Ehrich wagers ______ dollars that no more than _ of the predictions will come to pass.

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Anyone who thinks a corporation is more efficient than government has never worked in a corporation.


Libertarianism leads to curmudgeonly behavior where all outcomes are seen as downright awful (making Marvin the Robot sound like Mickey Rooney in an Andy Hardy movie), and reduces ones thought processes in old age to little more than yelling "Get off'a my lawn!"



Unless someone like you cares a whole awful lot, nothing is going to get better. It's not, :phones:


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