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America Related In History.

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This is a strange question because it is so incomplete and/or vague. I think one of the major issues why the U.S. has so many problems and is a country of great extremes is because it is an incredible melting pot of so many different cultures. As far as the economy goes, the reason the U.S. has created such great wealth is because there is the cowboy element of taking great risks, which has an upside and a downside.

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What other country in world history has had related problems equal to the United States in twenty thirteen and why? Paul

What other country?....I dunno. We seem to be a rather special sort of stupid.


Unlike the rest of the world we never bother to take heed of lessons we've already learned the hard way over and over and over again.


Tis an odd state of affairs when countries once viewed as primitive and poor are thriving and surpassing the "wealthiest', "most educated", "most advanced", etc. (insert choice of terms here) nation in the world".....face it, they're more driven and they're more willing to put forth the effort required..


A funny thing a nation that spends more on education and medical care than any other nation, yet lags far behind the rest of the civilized world in both.


The WHY is easy...By and large we are lazy, greedy, self important, easily mislead, and poorly educated, 


"... just little bits of history repeating"  :singer:  

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Egypt, Greece, Rome, Maya, China (several times), UK, France...


Your problems are always bigger than anyone else's, ever.



It is a mistake to think you can solve any major problems just with potatoes, :phones:



Haha, yes Buffy, this is true! So many countries have had problems this year, along with many other years. I'm not sure if this question is trying to allude to an "end times" theory or what, but 2012 has passed (along with a zillion other "end date predictions") and we're all still here.

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