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I See I Feel I Understand.


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The word perceive means I see I understand. What I am having great problems with is if two people are looking at the same car and both recognize the color red wouldn't both see " a red car". If both people see and identify knowing what the object is and the color how can they say one sees this and one sees that? Only language gives them a different perception in there mind. Thoughts please? Paul

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You should probably read up on ''qualia.''



I think I understand what you said. All my life I have lived others experiences but never shared mine personally. The more I write the more I understand how to communicate with others. It must be a (I) thing. Thoughts please. Paul

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In this time of our life twenty thirteen it would seem the whole world has lost it's perspective. Why the whole world and not just one country or region? Since the governments seem to be the biggest problem, what made then do this? The rumor of war, wars itself, greed, money killings etc. What happened to the order or even the morals of people? Even disorder has to come from someone somewhere? I see where the powers that be just are finding fault with others and that does not help the problem any. Common sense would dictate study the problem and fix the problem but those in charge refuse to...Why?


I love wisdom but it seems people have a mixed view on what wisdom is? Is there to many cooks in the kitchen? It seems common sense has broke down. Where did it brake down at? Thoughts please? Paul

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