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Hello all, I am Nick, but I prefer to go by "Shrug" on many sites. I am currently a student at Cal Poly Pomona studying computer engineering. I have a great interest in the whole of science, philosophy, and politics, and was directed here by a friend who shares that interest. I look forward to intelligent conversation with you all.

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Welcome to hypography, Shrug. :thumbs_up


I’m an application programmer (a code monkey by any other name) practically from the dawn of electronic computing. Before I was assimilated into the byzantine world of IT, I was a dewey-eyed math undergrad with dreams of becoming a chip-designing engineer, so envy you your current academic status. In my professional world, the rule is strictly “code monkey no touch hardware! Maybe better not even think too much about hardware!”


I hope you’ll find our threads to your liking, and set to filling any voids in them with ideas of your own. Hypography’s a small club, but we try to make it a good one.

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mabe you 2 together could make a lowrider that transforms :D


, drive it up to a convention, transform walk into your parking place, and transform back into a car,


lots of programming needed, and engeneering, huge bolts, hydrolics, gyroscope, fly-by-wire ,


speaking of that, we need a transforming smiley :steering:


anyway, welcome

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