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Global Flash Mobs


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Living a few hours outside of Philadelphia I get the newscasts from the city. As the Wik article states Philly has had it's share of these mobs. They happen so often anymore that they usually don't make the national news.


They have also taken a more criminal tone. Many of the mobs reported in the news anymore are of large groups overwhelming a small to midsized store. With only 1-3 store owners or clerks, they are no match for 60-80 flash mobbers running in at once. From the video's I've seen 15 or so will occupy the clerk and the rest will shoplift. They grab what they can and the whole episode is over in minutes.


It got me thinking about the future. When everyone is "wired in" so to speak as in all of China and all of India. What kind of global damage could a ultra charismatic or the leader of a future super religion cause?


As a joke I thought to myself some evil doer like Goldfinger could use these global commands for something like getting everyone on the planet to jump up down at the same time and causing an earthquake. :bounce: anyone have any scenarios where a followed physical command could affect us on a global scale? Not voting one way or another just physical commands.

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