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Nothing In Nature Is Something

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The nothing in nature is 1 + -1 = 0.


It's a sum of two things that cancel each other out, and it's the smallest quantity in the Universe. If ever you write 0 on its own you have to remember that you are actually shortening a sum of at least two parts. The two parts must be able to create physics that are completely cancelled out. For example, a convex curve, and a concave curve of equal amounts on an oscilloscope overlapping each other would produce a flat line. Digging a hole in sand on the beach, you get an equal amount of sand to fill an equally sized hole. The volumes are equal, and opposite, so if you put the sand in the hole you get flat land. You can also see the curve in the hole, and the curve in the pile of sand, they resemble an oscilloscope.


It's the same with an igloo...



Once you build an igloo, and realise that the walls cancel out the hole, you are half way to a particle. An igloo is a half sphere, so you can complete the sphere with two igloos on top of each other. Now you have a particle that produces a flat line on an oscilloscope. The particle is two convex curves, and two concave curves, and you can call this the zero particle. It's central hole is an exact match for its body volume, you look towards it, and your senses pick up a flat line, so your senses do not respond to it. Your eyes are working like a spider sitting in its web. It wants to pick up curves in the web which are vibrations, but it doesn't want to notice the web in a flatline state. So we do not see spacetime, which is made from zero particles. We do see spacetime when its state changes from zero to anything else. To see spacetime you need to get the time to flow, and expand, and touch. Now it is creating physics that we can interact with. The first physics that break the zero state are photons. We have seen virtual photons that can appear, and disappear. They are barely breaking the zero state, and so they are barely there, and so they are virtual.


Spacetime equals nothing, but nothing is made from physics. Nothing in nature is something.


Now go to 25:43 in this video. Stephen Hawking eventually used my own theory, but towards the end of the video, he goes and spoils it...

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