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The Psychology Of Knowing The Theory Of Everything

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In 2003 I had a rough idea of the Theory Of Everything, and now I have worked on it for 9 years, and I want to talk about the way it doesn't really sit well in society.


I have said before how Newton called Gravity a pull force, and this caused all of the maths from then onwards to use formulas that included a pull force. Gravity is a flow into negative mass, and so the action is always local, and not at a distance. The local action is a big change to how the physics work. Most of the maths that science uses is backwards.


But why was it an artist who solved the TOE, and not a mathematician? And that is because the maths were backwards like I said above, so a mathematician had a terrible disadvantage when it came to solving the TOE.


The responsibility of an artist to prove a theory, and prove that the maths is backwards is like hitting a brick wall. I got banned from most science sites. My own feelings towards scientists therefore became one of distaste. You can understand why. If scientists are supposed to be trying to solve the TOE, and ban the person that hands it to them on a plate, then scientists are religiously acting on a faith in a God. Their God is everything involved in their beliefs. Their maths, their Big Bang, and Relativity all combine to become their God.


So my psychology firstly was pushed towards science as the enemy. So what I did was flood forums with example of my predictions for the future of science.


I posted all sorts of things about bubbles of Dark Matter, because gravity is a flow force, and magnetism is an outflow force. So obviously the forces will meet, and that will create bubbles. I posted the Einstein's cosmological Constant was backwards. Anyway I posted entire threads about nature, and I figured that time would pass, and my threads would eventually be proved true, and scientists would then listen to me.


My threads were proved true, the forum members however were not interested. I was still banned with my theory currently surfacing in science. So science is an even greater enemy.. psychology.


So a mathematician would have to reverse his maths in many places, so that isn't likely to happen. But the Cosmological Constant was finally reversed! Happy days. And now some mathematicians have worked on a negative mass scenario for Dark matter. Which means that the maths is starting to be turned around a bit at a time. Soon, my theory, and science will join up.


What is it like to have the TOE in your head?


I say that my intelligence is infinite, because the physics in my head solve a lot of things without me having to write anything down. You self teach, which I would like you to understand. I have physics from the first stage of the Universe, all the way up to biology. These physics work like dominoes. So you line up the dominoes, and when you want to learn something new, you just think about it, and the dominoes topple towards an answer. I call it the TOE abacus, and it's better than the current maths situation. With the maths backwards, and my brain forwards I work better than the maths. If a mathematician knew what I know he would be 100 times better than I am at perfecting the physics. But for now I am way ahead, even my guesses can beat the maths. I mean that my guesses about the unknown, invisible, and unmeasurable are quite accurate. For example, science measures the mass of an electron.. I know that the measurement is wrong, because the mass should be negative. Therefore all I have to do is put a minus sign on the measurement, and it is more accurate than science. This is part of the abacus, that you have the physics to correct the maths. The mathematicians have the physics backwards because Newton said the word 'Pull'. Some other things that helped me were that I am a Computer Games Programmer. My knowledge of creating physics in a computer allowed me to think in computer code. Some of the TOE in my head is in computer code. I'm an artist, and I study nature a lot, and I am classed as a genius through intelligence tests. One test said that I am a Mastermind.. I take that with a pinch of salt. I like to be right, and I like to store good information, so I avoid a lot of science like the plague. I avoid science because I know that the maths is backwards, I don't trust it. If I read up on science I have to fix it.


So to round off. The psychology of the person that discovers the TOE has to be someone that goes against the grain. You have to face adversity, and still keep going. You are better off not being a mathematician. You gain a self teaching abacus in your head which allows you to increase your own IQ, which is amazing. You can imagine things much smaller than current Quantum Physics, you can imagine the things that make the Quantum Physics work. You can see time which is another interesting vision. You can see time before it becomes time.. pre-time, or negative time. And you can see the invisible Dark Matter that is all around us. You can see magnetism, electrons, photons, gravity, spacetime. You can understand psychology, and biology, and natures shapes, and pressures, and scalar factors.


I solved the TOE, and the response is delusional. That just about sums up what it is like to solve the TOE.

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