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Oblivion Or Paradise - No Hope!

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Wasn't sure where to put this, if there is a more fitting forum, you are welcome to move this topic. Thank you for reading.


Scientists have discovered many things in recent years. First, the Darwinian concept of survival of the fittest and that the preservation of that process is in inherently in human nature. Second, the Universe is quite old, about 13 billion years. Third, we are a type zero civilization, this means we have not yet became a type I and thus do not yet consume 100% of the earth's energy. Fourth, the Universe is expanding not just at a steady rate, but at an increasingly accelerated rate, exponentially over time. Fifth, in the 1970's humanity sent the Arecibo message, traveling in a spherical wave through space at the speed of light. If there is a probe from a Type II civilization within 100 light years, in 100 years, they will be able to find us. And lastly, we have discovered that the only way to achieve Type I status is to reject survival of the fittest and use technology to help all of the weak become equally as strong as everyone else in every way for total equality even physically and neurologically due to nano scale surgery


The problem we face is a 100 percent certainty that, through terrorism, we will not accept a Type I civilization because it is impossible for humans to reject Social Darwinism in the form of the monetary institution, the final bar that separates the strong and the weak through wealth and subsequent status based on purchasing power. The monetary system will eventually hit a bell curve, resulting in a global financial calamity, where everyone will have zero purchasing power and therefore order will collapse and the nukes will start flying, planetary suicide will be committed.


There is a 100% certainty, that, in roughly 100 years, without alien intervention from a Type II Civilization, upon receiving the Arecibo message, humanity will destroy itself and never achieve Type I status. However, the problem with an Type II Civ's probe receiving the message before human extinction is unlikely, as the message on travels at the speed of light and space is growing larger. The expansion of the universe at it's current age, will make it unlikely for the Alien probe to pick us up. This is because, perhaps a few billion years ago, the radio waves wouldn't have had to travel over even 25 light years before it reached the Alien probe, and in that case, the Type II Civ could save us and help us to, in fact, become Type I.


Types of Civilizations explained.


And I would like to add an unneseccary addendum on my purely speculative, almost an overly optimistic agnostic, theism.


Any planet that has as much pollution as the earth will sound very different from other planets due to the "corrupted" electric-field oscillations of the planet. If our Type Zero Civilization didn't use dead plants for energy, but, say, geothermal energy and tidal energy and wind and solar energy, than there would be no pollution tainting earth's atmosphere through heating and crippling ozone effects; and, subsequently, the earth's "sound" wouldn't be so hard-on-the-ears when compared to that of other inhabitable "green zone" planets of similar size, as it very well may be. Such a civilization wouldn't have trouble achieving Type I status.


The eerie sounds of the

after being converted to audio by a radio-wave-transmitter, could, in my mind, be a way for us to know that the Grand Designer is real if we do in fact end up destroying ourselves. That is an encouraging thought, perhaps it has already made a way for our quantum particle-wave consciousnesses, that are essentially our conscious spirits or ghosts, to mold into the cosmos and join it in a way-so that our sacrifice can both teach type II civs the importance of equality, a lesson which may in fact allow them to become Type III, which might serve the purpose of furthering their ascension to the Grand Designer's Type IV-ish status, and still allow us to not go into complete nothingness.




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Ignorance, a lack of humility and compassion, greed and competitive tendencies have caused great suffering and have forced us to conform to our savage behavior to create institutions. And as a result we are over-worked, over-stressed, paranoid, we are violent and most of the time violent randomly, abandoning reason.




Take the education system for example, everyone is born scientists, curious about the world, willing to create solutions to it’s problems. U.S.'s schools in PARTICULAR have a method of breaking that out of us through discouragement, conformity to servitude. Servitude to the outdated political, monetary and the majority of the workforce’s institutions.


The fact that most of us don’t get through college proves how much talent we are throwing away like it doesn’t even matter, like our happiness and humanitarian values don’t matter over our willingness to serve.


It’s perversion of nature. Naturally animals don’t serve, they do what they were inherently designed to do, to hunt and migrate and build shelters, to eat and protect and produce families. There is no distribution of money or institutions in nature. There is just instinct. And we have this amazing instinct, passionate intellectual curiosity, combined with the imagination to change our way of life for the better. the scientific method, curiosity, the will to learn and to manipulate the physical world to make life better with that knowledge. Now institutions can collapse that ability.


Can't BELIEVE I actually thought about joining the military at one point. STUPID. I would rather go to prison than be drafted. Look what happens, the military spreading death and destruction and profits from it around the world. American get destroyed and mutilated and come back with nothing but a broken family. And for NOTHING but America's stupid conquest, Imperialistic Conquest. I don't believe in their cause, if America wants to go to be apart of the world, it needs to spread peace, not this ****:








I will throw down against the constitution and the government for a technocracy. But there is no revolt for technocracy, people don’t even know what the **** a technocracy is. I am the ONLY technocrat I know.


Science is different. Technocracy will work because it is scientifically imperative to hold hands with the rest of the world.


There needs to be more technocrats, if I could convert people I would. It’s funny though, people are so naive to technocratic ideals and the scientific method when it is not only the most effective path, but easiest to follow, the most peaceful, the most NATURAL for how humans are supposed to think.


No one on this website is a technocrat, a tiny fraction of a fraction of a percent of the world is “scientifically literate”, and far fewer are technocrats.



Greece, Italy, and other European nations are beginning to learn from their mistakes, and they are truly the most peaceful. America has the most domestic violence, third world countries are pushed and shoved by dictators, China is communist. Canada is about as peaceful as you can get, very few murders, weed, and love.


Greece, Italy and Canada and some of Europe have some the nicest, most open-minded, most scientifically literate people. It’s a shame even they can’t implement a full technocracy. If they can’t, than how the hell can the most violent dictators in the world, the American people, the average American, the citizens, consisting as many violent dictators that the world has put together as they vote for their policy makers, how can we ever become scientifically literate? How can we ever achieve greatness, a peaceful world?


Listen to what Carl Sagan says.



“It WON’T be us."


It won’t be the U.S. or the dictators.

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