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Science Of Invisibility Tested At Some Universities Including Duke University.

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Please see the following interview videos with the great physicist Michio Kaku,talking about latest real invisibility technology research as well as few other videos about invisibility technology research.






Also see the following videos:









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Let me know what do you think about this and let me know if you have any other related good information about this.


Scientists have Succesfully made microwave radiation invisible to microwave detecting cameras.

Now they are trying to make visible radiation invisible.

Scientists have succeded in doing once thought impossible.Similarly I have Succesfully invented a non-perpetual Gravity engine which works on the concept of resistance.

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The way I would do it is by taking advantage of the wave aspect of the wave/particle nature of energy.


When we see an object, what we are seeing is the light energy reflected off the object or emitted by the object. This energy will move in waves and reach our eyes. To make it invisible, what you do is shine a similar wave at the object, but 180 degrees out of phase to the energy coming from the object. The crests and troughs of the light waves coming from the object, will cancel the troughs and crests of the light we shine at the object. The result is what appears to be no wave; invisible.


As a school experiment, say you had a wave tank with two wave generators, one at each end. The waves are tuned so they are 180 degree out of phase, but equal in all other ways (one pushes and the other pulls). The two approaching waves will cancel, creating a still zone where both waves disappear; invisible.


This is the beginning of a good magic trick. (or a physics theory for something from nothing). You hide the two wave generators so all the audience can see, is the still water. Next, you place a glass partition in the still water, and watch the waves rise out of the stillness revealing hidden energy; de-cloak.

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( Excuse me for injecting this, but when the university was mentioned I couldn't help but wanting to see invisible clothes on Daisy Duke... :D )


The metamaterials are fascinating, but I think the perfect cloaking device would be constructed using mirrors and krypton lasers and a 360 degree beam handler/projector system. David Copperfield has used this type of illusion for decades now. The metamaterials are only useful in limited situations.


(Do I really need to provide a link to something akin to "It's all done with mirrors?")

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I looked and couldn't find exactly what I learned as an 8 year old dabbling in illusionism, but it isn't that tough to imagine. The "illusionee" looks at a mirror tilted at 45 degrees. The illusioner's target image is deflected by a mirror tilted at 135 degrees. Above the 135 degree mirror is a second one at 45 degrees that directs the light path from the lower 135 degree mirror to another 135 degree mirror directly above the lower 45 degree mirror. Anything inserted between the lower mirrors appears to be 100% transparent.


The same system can be applied to a laser projection system.

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