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hello everybody


I am writing a program in java that draws a square fractal recursively. The program starts by drawing a rectangle in the center of the window (1/4 of the window). Then I need to draw 4 smaller rectangles attached to the corners of the first rectangle. Then I need to draw 3 smaller rectangles attached to the corners to the corners of the previous rectangle and so on until it reaches to 1 pixel. Each one of the succeeding rectangles is half the width and height or the preceding rectangle. The output should be like the picture at the end of the post




I am new to computer science so please help even with a pseudo code that can explain the steps and calculations to draw the rectangles.


thank you in advance

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Welcome to hypography, Mahdi! :)


Some simple pseudocode:

 if Depth<=MaxDepth {
   Rectangle (Top,Left)-(Top+Length,Left+Length,Depth+1,MaxDepth)

Replace "whatever" with an integer for how "deep" you want the fractal image to be: 1 draws 1 box, 2 draws 5 boxes, 3 draws 17 visible boxes, 4 draws 53, etc.


The existence of a primitive rectangle drawing command, "Rectangle", is assumed.

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