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There is no other reason for it; it is growing crazy because the jobs are changing, everything is becoming more expensive, we are moving away from rural areas. So every part of our lives is focused on sedentary work and coming home and being more sedentary. I have read a lot of outlandish ideas on what's causing obesity, pure in simple, it's the nature of modern day work and the removal from labor, the time to sleep, the time to exercise, the time to eat; and play sports and run and all the terrific activities.




And here's what our future looks like: http://www.wane.com/dpp/search/Childhood_Obesity_Growing_Out_of_Control_074860


We could reverse it by living a more rural life style and working labor jobs that pay plenty of money to get along; instead we are stuck doing standing jobs, sitting jobs, laying jobs, typing jobs, that go from before the sun comes up to after it goes down.

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Saxon Violence's "Out There" Theory of Obesity.


Now before anyone jumps up and wants to Flog my Bass.....


Its just a Playful Theory...


The Indians--Yes, Real Indians!


You should always Presume that I'm talking about Real Indians.


When my mind turns to the Land of The Taj Mahal; Bollywood Movies (love those); Tigers and Howdahs--I will give y'all plenty warning--and avoid a good many PC Shibboleths in the Meantime. :rolleyes:


Yes Wellah, anyone left unoffended yet?


The Indians--Perhaps the Cherokee--but definitely some Indian Tribe--maintain that back in the Old Days--Long-Time Gone.....


Black Bear was Brother to the Cherokee, and taught him how to live in the Forrest.


Personally, as long as this doesn't descend into Spiritism and Witchcraft, I have no Problem with Talking Bears.....


We all agree that Balaam's *** spoke to him. (Balaam's "Beast of Burden" Spoke--get y'all's minds out of the Gutter! )


Well Brother Bear was tasked with showing The People all his Little Survival "Tricks".....


And Truth-be-Told, Brother Bear did a Bang-Up Job of it.


Finally, Brother Bear had just One Secret Left.....


How to Sleep Comfortably through the Worst and Most Dreary parts of the Winter.....


What Bears do isn't "True Hibernation".....At least, so I've been told.....


But Brother Bear and the Cherokee Quarreled and Had a Parting-of-the-Ways. Basically, they hate each other So much; that even Today when they Meet in the Forrest, they try very hard to Spit on Each other's Shadow's.....


And to this day, Disgruntled Cherokee mumble and grumble about the Abominable Timing of the Split.


Be so much Nicer to Hibernate most of the Snowy Season Away.....


So tell me Friends, If you're going to spend much of The Winter in The Halls of Deep Sleep.....


What are you gonna need to do?


Bulk-Up.....No, Seriously! You Really Need to Bulk-Up!!!


This is all Very Clear..... Very Occam's Razorish..... When told in Terms of Balaam's Donkey and Talking Black Bears. {HMMMmmnn.....Could the Fable of "Goldie Locks-In The Three Bears" be an Ancient Ritual to try Once More to gift Mankind with the Ability to Hibernate during Hard Times?? ?? ?? }


Never Mind, I'm sure you Evolutionists can somehow warp and wrap.....Not to Mention "Rap".....the Idea Enough to get it to fit into your Procrustean Bed; Like One-Way or Another.....


So really Fat People are Unconsciously trying to prepare themselves for a Really Bad Winter's Estivation.....


More than just "Unconsciously"--There are very Serious Biological Imperatives involved.


But with the Right Hormonal Therapy, our 650 Pound Jumbo Might Lay Down in Mid-September; Basically spend the Rest of Fall; Winter and Spring Sleeping.


Rouse up every three of four days to Wee-Wee-Wee All-The-Weigh-Home (And very occasionally, To Defecate--Or as us Professionals prefer to call it: "Woo-Woo-Woo!!!)


And perhaps eat a couple pieces of Toast; a Slice of Spam and maybe a Pint of Whole Like Milk; and a Few Vitamins.....


And its off to see the Sandman again {Calm Thyself--The "Sandman" and the "Tooth Faerie" are both metaphors...}


And if our once Portly 650 Pound Phellow is now a well-muscled 215, with Washboard ABs; a Grip of Steel; no Loose skin to speak of.....


What could you charge for that Treatment?


Mull it around--Its not very high Probability--but its fun to play with.


Saxon Violence

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Guest MacPhee

Have you noticed, that you see more really fat women, than really fat men.


Obese women, these days, are a familiar sight. But obese men seem more unusual - you don't see so many.


What could account for that?

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Obesity is directly connected to an energy balance around the body. The conservation of energy tells us we cannot create or destroy energy, but we can change it from one form to another. You cannot get fat via genetics, unless you also add the energy value as food input. Genetics can't create energy but can impact the energy balance. If there is more energy input (food) than energy output, the body gains stored energy as fat. There are many variables for input and output. These variables can change from person to person.


Maintaining a good weight requires knowing your particular input and output parameters and adjusting so these balance. If you don't exercise that means output is lower, so input needs to be lower. If you do exercise and burn a lot of calories, you can adjust input the other way. If you have a high metabolism, your idle speed burns more calories. The higher idle speed allows one to add some extra input and still maintain weight. Some people have a low digestive efficiency and others a high digestive efficiency. The less efficient means you waste food so you can eat more. High efficiency means you don't waste food so you may have to eat lower calorie.


I did my own energy balance and realized I was gaining weight and could not lose it. My eating was about the same as it had always been, but my body seemed to have slowed down to a lower idle speed, since my exercise level was less than it had previously been. The input>output.


The first approach lowered the input calories, while adding some exercise to increase output. After a few months my idle speed got higher, so that with the same input and exercise I started to lose weight faster and faster. So I increased my input again, so I don't lose too much weight.

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On some level, you're right of course.


One cannot create Bodyfat, nor anything else, from Nothing.


However Biological Systems don't operate at anywhere near 100% efficiency, thus when Dieting, all sorts of Apparent enigmas can appear.


When faced with a scarcity of fuel, two saving strategies are applicable:


Use as little fuel as possible, and expend that as efficiently as possible.....


And "De-Power".....


In human terms, that "De-Power" is a Glitch. It means to metabolize Muscle--and it is one of the body's favorite and earliest strategies. {Muscle tissue burns noticeably more calories per hour, even just sitting around than an equal mass of Fat.}


Muscle is easy to lose--and slow to build back.


Fat isn't That hard to lose, for most--but it is easy to put back.


Lose 40 pounds: 20# Muscle+20# Fat.


Gain 40 Pounds back: 15# Muscle+25# Fat.


Several such diets over time can give one a startlingly low Muscle to Fat ratio.


When in famine: The heartbeat slows, body temp drops, energy levels plummet, and food spends longer in the Alimentary canal, as the body tries to extract every possible calorie.


I read--and no, I can't give a Reference--about a researcher who studied some "Weight Watchers" who'd reduced and kept their weight down, sometimes for years. Although they had been "Skinny" long enough to have a normal Muscle to Fat Ratio.....


But every one of their metabolic indicators was consistent with people who were near starving. They had to maintain very low calorie intake to maintain their weight and they were obsessive about food--although many didn't consciously realize this.


Some Random Bits of Data:


Some (Unusual) Women will not lose weight, even on 900 Calories per day.


Remember the fellow who weighed like 800, maybe 1000 pounds--had used a bed-pan for years--decided to try to use his bathroom--got stuck in the doorway and they had to call the fire dept.?


I forget the Exact amounts, but that dude had enough dozens of eggs and loaves of bread (toasted) and pounds of bacon for breakfast every morning, to keep ten or twelve hard working construction workers going strong all day.


He had like 180 pounds of Fecal matter obstructed in his Large Colon.


And guess what? He was severely malnourished. His backwards metabolic priority was to feed the fat cells first--and feed the vital organs whatever scraps were left.


If his caretakers had cut his Caloric intake in half ( Arbitrarily one day, Just on their own, without medical supervision)--he'd have still been eating enough for five or six people--and he would have died of malnourishment--i.e. Starvation!


Say a muscular man weighs 220 Pounds. He gets on the Obesity Train, and over a period of years, gets up to 440 pounds. Lets further suppose that he is still about as active as he was before (with a relatively sedentary lifestyle, both before and after).....


It took many many calories to get him there.....


But how many extra calories per day, does it take to maintain his bodyweight at this level?


The equivalent of one Big Mac Quarter Pounder per day.


(And he probably isn't as active as before)


Sure, cut out the equivalent of one Big Mack per day, and he'll begin to lose.....


If he can do this very consistently for ten or fifteen years--what it took him to get there in the first place--he should be back to 220--which was a healthy weight for him 20 or 30 years earlier.


Finally, as I heard one Dietician say:


"It is commonly supposed that Obesity is a result of Gluttony; but there are just as many skinny Gluttons as Fat ones. Virtually everyone eats until they feel satisfied. The question is: Why does this strategy result in Obesity and Gross Obesity for some, when it works so well for others?"


Stopping before satiation is an extremely difficult course of action over the long haul. It is fully as difficult for a fit TV person trying to keep off ten or twenty Vanity Pounds, or the Boxer or Wrestler trying to make weight, as it is for the 600 pound dude trying to get by on "just" 8000 calories per day.


{Oftentimes, Gluttony enters the picture as a Result rather than a Cause of Gross Obesity. Perversely, the fatter a body gets, the more it craves food. Also, many other sources of satisfaction become increasingly more difficult, less likely and less satisfying as one gets fatter...}


Very few folks have the iron discipline and the stubborn tenacity to succeed with the "Eat less than you Want" Strategy, long term.


Those that do, live lives as Spartan and as Severe in many respects, as that of a Medieval Monk--in one of the Stricter Orders.





Having said all of that, there are ways to get around many of the Body's Stubborn Attempts to get and stay obese.


Exercise is a part of the answer--particularly Muscle Building Exercise.


{The fellow who runs 75 miles per week in a desperate bid to keep the weight off, is in a precarious situation. Anything that seriously interrupts his routine--like shin splints, or lifestyle changes that make it extremely difficult to maintain his mileage--and he's at a real risk of rapid weight gain.


Some Exercise Experts maintain that Excessive Aerobic exercise primes the body to pack on fat the first opportunity it gets--like a Well-Wrung Sponge is primed to soak up water...}


Changing the typeof foods eaten is a part. Planning an occasional "Feast Day" (Not a "Binge" or "Gorge Day" ) generally offsets the bummed-out, "Never again will I ever fell satisfied--unless I'm breaking my Diet, and playing Russian Roulette with getting Fat again....."


You Never see a film of the starving folks in a Nazi Prison Camp; or refugee camps like in Eithiopia; Somalia--or wherever--and see a few 600 pound folks in the picture saying, "We're starving too--Its our Glands!"


Saxon Violence

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