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I am not sure where to even start. I am currently trying to create rubber band propulsion system for my cart. Once I get a functioning propulsion system I can figure out the rest. So if anyone has good for said system please advise. Of course, if anyone has completely different ideas feel free to voice your opinion. The parameters for the project are below.



Project: Momentum Carts


Your mission is to design and build a vehicle that will climb a hill, cross the crest, and prevent your opponent from crossing in the opposite direction. The objective is to end the match with your vehicle and your opponent's on the other side of the hill.


The Rules:


1. You may use only the materials listed to build your vehicle. It is not necessary to use all of them.


2. Your vehicle may use any means you can devise for reaching the other side of the hill and for preventing your opponent from reaching your side.


3. Your vehicle must be self propelled. You may touch it to start, but you may not give it a push. You may not touch it after the match has begun. It may leave nothing at the starting line.


4. Your vehicle may be no longer than 12 inches and no wider than 8 inches at the moment it starts.


5. The hill will rise 3 inches from its base. The base, each side of the hill, will be 3 feet from the crest. The starting line on each side will be 2 feet from the crest. There will be sides 3 inches high to prevent either vehicle from falling off the hill and the inclines will be 10 inches wide.


6. Vehicles will compete two at a time. This will be a round-robin type event with every vehicle competing against every other vehicle. The two carts with the most wins at the end of competition will compete in a championship match.


7. After 15 seconds, or when all motion has stopped, whichever comes first, the vehicle that remains on the opposite side of the hill from its start will be declared the winner. If neither vehicle has crossed the crest or both finish on the sides opposite their starts, a draw will be declared and the match will be conducted from the start until a winner is chosen. If a winner cannot be chosen because of mechanical difficulties, a draw will be declared and both vehicles will be disqualified from that match. Each will record a loss on their record.




2 coffee cans with plastic lids 4 jar lids

4 plastic soda bottles (1L or 2L) 2 wire coat hangers

8 rubber bands 1 3-foot wooden dowel (any diameter)

2 mouse traps or 1 rat trap 1 12x12-inch piece of cardboard

12 – 4-ounce lead sinkers 1 3-foot piece of string

1 12x24x1/4-inch piece of plywood any metal fasteners (paperclips, screws, bolts,

any glue or rubber cement nails, etc.)

1 3 –foot section of duct tape

4 wheels of any kind (must be used for the express purpose of motivation of the cart)

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