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Gravity , Ultimate Force Of Creation

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First, few thing about me, i love physics and don't understand math, love astronomy and write bad English.


My thoughts about gravity. Few days ago I had a idea about creation of matter and universe after that.


Gravitons (as particles or waves or both of gravity) are smallest particles and building blocks of our universe), number of gravitons grouped together define properties of/and create larger particles, (stupid example: 2 graviton particle create 1 photon, 1k graviton particles grouped together create atoms electron, 1 million gravitons create atoms nucleus etc).


In my thoughts about this, gravitons had to have ability to travel at speed of light. Why? We already know that stars and other large objects in space can bend light, so gravity have influence to a photons.


What do you think?

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About mass, they have no weight, and because of that no other object in universe have weight, they have attraction properties, and we define weight by observing influence of that attraction between objects that surrounds us.


So what you're saying is that 1) there is no weight and 2) weight is a definition?


I also don't see the purpose of your gravitons. What role do they play, apart from being fundamental particles?

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We as species needed to define term weight, because is everywhere around us (as force surrounding us we didn't know how else to explain) and its part of our lives, but weight as weight doesn't exist, its attraction influence between "graviton" particles.


Well about their role in our universe... Lets say, in "first nano second" after Big Bang, only "matter" in Universe was "graviton" particles, and because of they attraction properties they started to join in groups creating other particles with different attributes but keeping their original property of attraction.


Maybe I didn't understand your question right about their role.. I really having trouble to say thing the way I want in English.


What I think its important is, "gravitons" need to have range of attraction influence, one particle has small range, but larger group have wider range (larger range), in that way it would be possible to explain lesser gravity on Moon than on Earth for example. I think main thing is density of matter. Higher density wider range of influence, and when we add size of particle group I think we could get accurate measure of gravity strength for each object in space or even calculate influence of single particle and prove existance of "gravitons".

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Does lack of replies means that all guys agree with me, or that topic is so stupid that no one wants to talk about it? 0.o


Well if you want to express some new concepts about gravity, it would be nice if we knew how much you know about the currently accepted theories. Then you could more fully explain why your concepts are relevant to what the rest of us know about gravity. Just a thought.

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Well, I admit, I do not know much.. And in this thought of mine, nothing changes in actual physics, everything stays much the same as it is now...


Its late now and i was working for 15 hours today, I will try to add few new things about my thoughts tomorrow.


And, I didn't fully develop this "theory", its just a thought for which I was looking for some type of an approval or someone with same thoughts.

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Ok, new thoughts, every "graviton" in my theory should have two forces working at same time.


Force of attraction, long range but weak force, with accumulate properties, larger group of particles stronger attraction, and repelling force, very short range but much stronger force, it also should have accumulating properties but much weaker then attraction force.


We all know how attraction force works, we can observe influence of gravity, but repelling force we can not observe because that force influence only "graviton" particles


Why? I am trying to explain to myself singularity... If we have one building block particle, we can't squeeze it more than it is, but... if that particle has repelling force that influence particles, than we have "empty" space between particles that can be squeezed into singularity.. In "normal" conditions, repelling force is much stronger than attractive force of those particles and we have our observable reality, but with group large enough we have multiplied attraction force that in one point become stronger than repelling and particles collapse into singularity creating neutron stars, black holes etc.


Event horizon is actually borderline of attraction force of collapsed particles, where is stronger because of overlapping force of every individual particle, but force of gravity could be felt beyond that borderline. So, I think speed does not play any role in escaping singularity, because attraction force is so strong that will tear off particle by particle from you, and even if you manage to escape you will be damaged.


About repelling force, as black hole grows bigger and stronger it also accumulate until overcome attraction force that is keeping all together, than we see bursts of energy and mass, than goes weaker and process repeat.


I doubt that this is mathematically possible, but to me its make sense. It reminds me at garden hose, when you are young and weak you can't stop water just by pressing hose end with your fingers, but when you grow older and stronger you can, until certain point where water bursts a little relieving some pressure, and then you again can stop water.


Any thoughts?

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...I didn't fully develop this "theory", its just a thought for which I was looking for some type of an approval or someone with same thoughts.


I think it may be more useful to spend your time reading what we have discovered in particle physics so far, rather than daydreaming without a foundation to build your model upon. Wikipedia's entries on the Standard Model and the proposed graviton could serve as a starting point.

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