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Total Speculation, But Let's Have Some Fun Projecting.


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For starters, the human body is terrible. Moving to a digital platform makes a lot of sense, when thinking about long life spans, minimum environmental impact on the earth, space travel, entertainment etc. We would no longer need our energy from crude food substances and air particles, and will likely get it from more efficient and abundent places. Now once the jump to the digital realm is made, and altering the human condition becomes easy, there is no reason to limit our experience to the crude basic sensory apparatus we have now. I imagine we will be able to connect up to sensors of all kinds, to each other, to embody anything really (even share each others experience directly). With that being said, I think the entire idea of "you" and "I" will become fuzzy and historic. Crude notions of morality, ethics, choice, life and death will slowly dissolve away as the population grows in intelligence. I believe huge amounts of computing power will go into understanding the universe, whilst our past times could range from manufactured virtual realities to space exploration and everything in between.

With a good understanding of the brain, AI is just around the corner, but through a gradual growth, the division between human and machine will blur, until it is also nonexistent. The notions of children and family will also dissolve, as we become able to create new minds from scratch, based on our own, a collective, or something entirely new.

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