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The Truth Concerning Our Ignorance

Hans Bjelke

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I always use the "Occam's razor" approch... What makes more sense?

Heres the question why does the bible constantly contradict itself?


Answer 1: The lord god himself was okay with the world knowing him once. Wrote a book that was massively confusing to even those of the time of his presence because it was written in code in hopes that one day someone would truly understand the thoughts of god?


Answer 2: Multiple people wrote the bible with there own views and opinions and thats why it does not flow correctly.


If you really wanted to contribute the one of the worlds biggest scams ever concocted would you not also say god wrote it even though it does not make sense? Think of all those half baked retarted responses you get from the most religious persons on the planet, those ones that most truly understand god lol. Even they make no sense its as though in order to understand god you must never make sense nor answer a question properly its not the matter of understanding its the ability to follow blindly with the happy glow of stupidity.

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Stephen King's novels beat the Bible hollow for plot, characterisation, style, vocabulary, and insight into human nature. So why read the Bible? What has it got that King's novels lack?


Is it - the promise of eternal life?


Sorry I didn't answer...been away. It seems to me that the promise of eternal life (or at least the hopes of it) is more the selfish gene than anything else! At this point I would agree with you that you should read Stephen King... until I can prove the single author idea, the Bible will look pretty mundane in comparison.

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