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Working On A New Open-Source Php Framework

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So if i haven't been active, it's been in part because i have been readying something for a first release. It's an open-source light-weight PHP framework. It's based on a reflection API, and it does some magic stuff, like it will automatically generate a WSDL (SOAP) and JSON APIs to your code, using your comments for documentation. It's neat, it's light and it will be beta released shortly (within a couple of weeks).


If you are interested, and have time, i have some neat ideas about the framework, and it would be nice to see other people using it (though atm i dont have available examples of how to use it, i haven't written new/open ones, but i can explain; it's because the code i wrote for it (lots and lots of it) is proprietary (product of a company i used to work for))


Anyways, i'll explain further if there is any interest...

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