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This is kind of a known for a while news, but there is now research, and tools that show you that iphones do indeed track you at all times and keep timestamped logs of where you have been. Its quite interesting how apple didnt think that this would be a privacy issue, and there is evidence to suggest that this is intentional, as its been there since iOS 4. For me at least, i think its a serious privacy concern, at least on android i can disable that, but how do you guys feel about it? would you have bought your iphone knowing that you are being tracked (like it or not), and its not encrypted and anyone with access to your computer can pull the said tracking data quite simply...? Makes you think about what other things are being done that you dont know about, doesn't it?

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Really? so it doesn't bother you that anyone has a user account on your computer can easily track your movements for actually a couple of years, even if you've changed iphones in the middle, and any virus or program or user can get that information, and so that doesn't bother you? Does it bother you that a large part of your profile can be built from such data, your movements can tell me where you live, where you work, when you work, where your friends live, where your parents live, where your girlfriend lives, where you go to drink, when you usually do so, where you shop, when you are home, etc...? does it matter that apple is most likely going to use this data to cater adds to you, and sell this data to other companies so that they can do the same? Does it matter to you that even though this information is anonymous, the task of deanonimizing it is so not trivial that it's laughable? And that the rest of the information about you can easily be gotten in as few as a few seconds using publicly available stuff, i am not talking about anything that would only be accessible to a PI. And such information includes, your driving history, your SSN, your credit history, your education, what you are into (hobbies, what have you), information about your friends, relationships, work history, purchase history, pictures of you, your friends, your family, your house, etc, etc, its scary how much information is retained about you and is publicly available, and google storing search history (and not for 18 months, forever, nobody deletes information anymore) is nothing, everyone does. ANYTHING you do on the web is indexed and remains on the internet within seconds. Anything you do through any company is forever stored, you go to amazon to buy a book, stored, you post on your friends wall, stored, your email stored, tweets stored, you leave amazon to go to a porn site, the information about that is stored, you use paypal, stored, you use your credit card stored, you use your discount card at stop and shop, yep, you got it, your entire purchase history is stored, you delete email, and wall post seconds after posting it, oh wait, they are never deleted anymore, nothing is, there's no need to...

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