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I saw the same Rainbow. :D I was wondering if there was a Real Leprechaun with a Pot of Gold at the end of it..??


What a great thread.. I should post some nice photos


gimmee that gold you little pixie! :jab: :rainbow: :rotfl:


but i digress. what i'm wondering is if you happened to have taken a nice photo of the whole dogwood tree that you spotted up by gillette lake last year. i only took a single shot -and a poor one at that- of a bloom. here that is to jog your memory circuits and as an example of why taking many shots & choosing the best is a good tip for photographers. i'm still kicking myself. :kick:


thnx. :)


nuttall's dogwood - Cornus nuttallii (aka western flowering dogwood, mountain dogwood, & pacific dogwood)

april 16, 2010

gillette lake area



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