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Universe Expansion And Big Bang

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for astronomers and amateurs):



It's time to understand that an impossible is only that: impossible: expansion of the universe and Big Bang are only impossibles.



1 - Expansion of the universe (really creation of space) is against science and physic laws, science not admit create anything from nothing.



2 - Expand (creation) in all directions and from all points is impossible according to geometrical figures, there are not any figure that admits this in 3d. Remember that we see the universe in 3d and by that the expansion need to be in this 3 dimensions.



3 - The universe is visually flat, it's impossible an expansion not flat give a universe flat, in 3d the only possible flat expansion would be cubic: this is against expansion theory.



- Belief: Mental acceptance of a claim as truth regardless of supporting or contrary empirical evidence. In belief - Wiktionary - so expansion of the universe and Big Bang are only a belief.



- All you believe over an impossible how real expansion of the universe is only a belief.


- All believer think that has proofs and evidences: UFO, martians, astrology, ...



- This work I could say is urgent, but after near 2 years seem that it's not.



- Probably this text seem hard, but in near 2 years I have obtained nothing and all think that expansion of the universe is evident (really is only impossible). All (you also) believe that this is evident the impossible and ridiculous the true (assume a false true difficult to understand the true).



- Seem that you have true and I'm mistaken, but you belief in expansion (creation) of the universe and more creation in Big Bang. I only say that this is impossible, only 1 solution is true. You have not true because that you believe is impossible.



- Probably you think that big thinker, astronomers and scientists affirm the expansion of the universe, but this is in all forms impossible. A big thinker don't convert impossible in real.



- No science is here, all is without proofs, all against physic laws and science, all only belief. Science not admit creation, Darwin show that there are not creation, astronomers admit creation.



- The impossible has not proofs and it's not evident, all believer thing has proofs and evidences.



- The expansion of the universe (creation) is impossible showed how evident.


- The expansion of the universe also is a fraud because a name like expansion that it's really a creation: many people think in expansion of space and not in real creation of space from nothing: expansion would have motion, but the theory not admit motion (creation). Only is creation and believers in it are creationist (equal to against of Darwin).



- Hubble's law, redshift, time delay are not evidences for universe expansion and Big Bang, they are facts and only have relation with visual expansion. Consider visual expansion like real expansion is like consider that our vision is inverse because the mirrors inverse it. Expansion real only is impossible and against physic laws and science.



- You can believe that expansion is true (like any believer) but this continues like only a belief without real proofs (near to believe in UFO).



- You are making a bad favour to science admitting impossibles, not taking an skeptic form and admitting creation (creationism) and also this in all directions and points (against geometry).



- You are responsible for your acts (and errors), this error carry you probably in the future a great discredit and also for astronomy and science in general.



- It's your duty understand the true and denounce the false expansion and Big Bang theories. It's time to change from belief to the true and become skeptic.



- I will continue fighting by this true: "The universe cannot expand"



In my page (moderators tell not put here) you can see evidences against expansion (moderators tell me not put here) and also a comparative Big Bang and my model (anti Big Bang and anti expansion).


You can continue with your belief.



If you believe in your belief you can read without problem my comparative (I recommend you): (moderators tell me not put here) - my work not need nothing impossible, magic, invented, against physic laws, new bodies, ...



Luis Biarge Baldellou

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Have they decreased the speed ?




Have they decreased the speed as they calculate collapsing the universe back to its smallest point ?

Ill bet we run out of momentum before we run out of space . At least a conceivable amount of space to expand from.

Anyway I'm not so good at math but maybe someone qualified will help me out here.



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If you run the Universe back in time, then at some point still a long way from the big bang, you will reach a density of the Universe which is great enough for a black hole to form.


Black holes don't expand as such so at that point and backwards in time, expansion is impossible.

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