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Some Sodas Causing Diabetes?

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On my supermarket shelf, I only found one brand of bread that didn't have corn syrup in it.

The shop just across the street from me sells bread baked each morning in their own lab oven, if I open my window at the right time I can smell it baking. I don't buy it there because I like baking it on Sundays in large pieces, after Monday I eat the ones from a sealed box in the fridge and they're OK for the week.


Most breads sold around here are made daily and according to tradition, some are packaged and indicate a "best before" term in a few days, only a few (typically non local types) are long term packaged with preserving agents. Ingredients of bread for sale while fresh are flour, yeast, salt (when not Tuscan) and water, with traditional extra ingredients for some types: often olive oil or milk.


Over here you don't need to worry if you're buying bread meant to be sold fresh.

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There are many foods and drinks where overindulgence can contribute to diabetes but that's not the fault of food or drink. You can actually drink enough water to cause hyponatremia (water intoxication). Would you blame water for that?

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