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A new thread for my 500th post: Television's gotten so global that even those of you elsewhere in the world are probably experiencing no more than a few weeks delay in some of the series we export fro

I love the British murders, which our Australian national non-commercial station cycles:   Currently: Wire in the Blood   Recently: Blue Murder Agatha Christie's Miss Marple Dalziel and Pascoe Midsomm

Help Mr. Wizard!   Hey, Turtle, that's *my* house! Throw in "That's So Raven" and "Phil of the Future!" (I drool over Phil! He's a hotie! Don't tell my kid!).   I attribute my daughter's kindliness to

TV " 'free' to air" is abysmal.

Caught a good Agatha Cristie on Sunday;

but there is bugger-all on worth watching-unless you like to see balls kicked around grassy paddocks, by short-necked Neanderthals.(My apologies to the Neanderthals)

The Chaser should be back soon.

I've given up on Heroes ( missed too many) and will have to wait and get the DVDs

Same re West-wing; I need to see the first few series(s) before launching into the current ABC lot.

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Okay, so Heros is back, and I'm loving it still. More than just an uber attractive cast, this shows got moxey.


I also love Brothers & Sisters. It really rings a chord with me and my dysfunctional familial past, and love the quality of the actors and strength of the stories.


As for more guilty pleasures, and with a bit of trepedation, I enjoy Journeyman. It's a bit of a modern day Quantum Leap, but so what. It's fun, and the dude from the HBO series Rome is just a kick *** actor. I am interested to see where they take the story line, but don't anticipate it lasting long.


Another guilty pleasure is Chuck. He's the dorky computer repair guy who gets government secrets downloaded to his brain and he is now working with a really attractive CIA agent. It's totally corny, but I love it. Poor Chuck has to choose from two attractive girls now, and the worst part is that they are starting to make Captain Awesome a likeable fellow.


Nip Tuck this season hasn't impressed me yet, but they are only two episodes in, so I'll reserve final judgement. I'm looking forward to the start of Rescue Me. Also, has anyone seen the preview for the next season of 24? I'm psyched. Who'd have thought that after six seasons of one day impossible craziness that I'd still enjoy it so much?


Oh... and The Office. That's a beautiful collection of laughs, and I think I like it better than The Family Guy.


That's about all. This thread seemed to warrant necromancing, so here ya go. Do with it what you will. ;)



Also, am I the only one who desperate misses The West Wing? :naughty:

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Buffy's Top Five New Shows:

  1. Pushing Daisies: Cat in the Hat (the movie) art direction meets oddball supernatural power as musical directed by John Waters (who they really *should* hire for an episode or two!). Kristen Chenoweth's musical numbers are amazing!
  2. Reaper: Poor Sam gets to pay for his parents dealing with the devil, and has to chase down escaped souls for the best devil ever (Ray Wise is amazing!). They could do more with Missy Peregrym, and the Work Bench is not as wild as the BUY MORE, but this is one hilarious black comedy (and an hour long one with no laugh track to boot!)...
  3. Mad Men: An extremely dark period piece on a big-time New York ad agency in 1960, before the day where all men stopped wearing hats. David Morse as the eccentric oriental-culture-loving CEO is amazing!
  4. Saving Grace: Holly Hunter is Amazing as Grace, the toughest, hard-drinkingest, loosest, most foul-mouthed detective of either sex ever seen in Oklahoma City. The Angel (Leon Rippy) is also amazing, proving you can seem like a show that shows some faith and burst theological bubbles right and left ("aw he don't care what church or temple you go to, just that you go.").
  5. Chuck: Took a while to grow on me, and I agree with Now that the two-girl angle is the wrong direction, but we'll see. Its hard not to love all the strange characters at the BUY MORE...and Yvonne Strahovski is amazing especially considering she's hiding an outrageous Aussie accent!
  6. Life: Like Saving Grace, this is a character study masquerading as a Police Procedural. Damian Lewis is amazing because he looks like he's still shell shocked from Bastogne...
  7. Gossip Girl: Completely frivilous and content free teen soap among the feeelthy rich in Manhattan. I know some of these people, and the producers have them pegged to a wicked "T." Blake Lively is entertaining just standing there, but the hidden--and amazing!--star of this show is Taylor Momsen, the little girl with a heart of gold and a fist of steel: what a combo!
  8. Journeyman (honorable mention): It started out as a weak version of Quantum Leap (with a less cute replacement for Scott Bakula, and *no* Dean Stockwell!), but as soon as that "Livermore Scientist" who calls his cell phone at some very odd times, I was back.

(Remember that I'm a computer scientist, so I can't count! :naughty: )


Bionic Woman is totally sucky. Don't bother.


Returning series that I'm still on board for:

  • Heroes: Kristen Bell as the Amazing sociopathic Elle! Yay!
  • Las Vegas: My total guilty pleasure (Josh is Amazing!)
  • Shark: Moved to Sunday, so I've dropped Brothers & Sisters...James Woods is Amazing (and my daughter thinks Danielle Panabaker is too!)
  • Lost: The amazing show that won't go away...<Buffy Melts>Matthew Fox!</Buffy Melts>


I love a good "although", ;)


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I have a strict rule about TV.

If it has information, I will watch it.

If it has luagh lines, I will not watch it (Exception, Frasier, Sienfeld [ Most likley mis-spelled])

If the show takes place on the discovery or history channel, there is a 75% chance I will watch it.

If the show is...


Weapon Masters

Deadliest Catch (And the other shows along the same lines)

Anything about space

Survival Shows

Junkyard Wars, Battle Bots*No longer showing*

Medieval Shows


Blue Planet

(Usually anything regarding wild life)

And only too many more to remember...*Thank god I dont have cable, I'd be inside forever*.

...I will be Definitley be watching it.


But this summer the attitude is more along the lines of outside living it for real, other than sitting back watching other people explore and live.

~Giles is DayDreaming

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Guilty pleasure of the month, mostly thanks to the Writer's strike: Cashmere Mafia...no you boys would all be bored to death...


Just so you know, I don't blame you for hitting on my husband. He's a good looking guy, and he's an adult, I trust him to make his own decisions. But don't hit on my kids. Ever again, :shrug:


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So are the Terminator chronicles worth watching?

Not my cuppa tea, but...


Its gotten both horrible reviews and bad ratings. With the way the writer's strike has gone, its likely going to be canceled. I wouldn't invest the time.


Grandpappy's never late for his dinner, 'cos he loves his leg of beef, and he washes it down with a brandy... :phones:


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