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Revising My Study Of Social And Cultural Anthropology

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In the early 1990s I taught anthropology at a post-secondary school and this afternoon I revised the cultural and social anthropology section for my own personal study. The contents looked like this:

Section 2.2.2
Cultural/Social Anthropology

A.0 History: 1500-1700
A.2 Anthropolgical Evolutionism
A.2.1 Lewis Morgan
A.2.2 Sir Edward Taylor
A.2.3 Herbert Spencer
A.3 Reactions to Evolutionism
A.3.1 Franz Boas
A.3.2 Diffusionism
A.4 Functionalism
A.4.1 Radcliffe-Brown
A. Recent Trends
A.4.1 Structuralism
A.4.1.1/2 Claude Levi-Strauss
A.4.2 Ethnosemantics
A.4.2 Bronislaw Malinowski(4.1.4)
A.4.3 Neo-Evolutionism
A.4.3.1 Leslie White
A.4.3.2 Julian Steward
A.4.4 Alex Anton-Luca
A.4.5 Legal Anthrpology
B. The Future

4. Social Anthropology
4.0 Anthropology Biography Web:List of Names
4.2.4 Post-War Paradigms in North America Alfred Kroeber Leslie White Julian Steward George Murdock Marshall Sahlins Elman Service
2. Cultural Anthropology
2.1 The Study of Culture
2.2 Ethnography
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