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Question about muscle building when myostatin is completely blocked

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I was wondering if, when myostatin, the growth factor protein that slows and sets a potential limit on muscle differentiation and growth, is depleted from say a body builder, will there still be a limit to how muscular he could eventually become.


Could he end up weighing 1500 pounds a high percentage of which is solid muscle because there truly is no limit to muscle growth and differentiation as he uses weightlifting to train quick muscle twitch and consumes proteins to build and increase muscle mass now that there is no myostatin setting a limit to potential muscle mass?


Or is it that no one has a limit but with myostatin the time it takes to build hundreds of pounds of muscle is greatly increased?

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Have a look at this site. Seems likely that blockage leads to increased strength and muscle size, but may also promote obesity.


That's what I was thinking, though I had never heard this about myostatin, muscle always involves bodyfat, which is why frequent slow muscle twitch training is just as important as quick, because you must be leaner to endure longer workouts.

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