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Oops, now I see that the original post says that new members cannot even send a message, which is not the case.

I did send 1 message as a new member.


So apparently new members can send 1 message at a time. It is not clear if they can receive.


Andrew Gray


When I was on the staff, it was at 10 posts that some of the spammer protections became lighter. You might try posting four more times (as your current post count = 6) and see if that helps.



Cheers. :friday:

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I have done ten posts, but still cannot upload files (image files) for my article. Could anyone explain this to me?


Sure thing. How are you trying to upload, and what are you trying to upload? There are size limits and dimension limits - these are listed in the upload window.


To upload you need to be in the "advanced" posting form (not the "quick reply" form) and use the "Manage attachments" button.


Please let me know if you need further explanation and I'll be happy to help! :hyper:

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