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A faithful descption of my belief-origin of life and the formation inhabitable worlds

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There is a bio-organic-quantum-wave existing in all organisms that have originated from a single planet, it is the basis of life, although because the space time fabric is constantly changing the organisms originating from their separate planets cannot make contact throughout the vast distances of space. This bio-organic-quantum-wave is created naturally in the universe at a set point in it’s expansion and is the basis for all lifes, which all form into the same conscious mechanical monolith of sorts, imagine the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey in which the energy field resides. All conscious mechanical seeds are divided without contact across the universe. The bio-organic-quantum-wave works to create thermodynamic miracles which evolve all lifes into this seed and at the same time when an individual organism dies it becomes immortal and is put into it’s relative paradise, different for different organisms, humans having the most complex paradise, after death we all, at least the most important parts of us, just reside within the bio-organic-quantum-wave. To survive the big chill the monolith seed must transfer universes using plank scale energy, upon reaching an inhabitable planet the monolith must spawn life using the bio-organic-quantum-wave which resides within, leaving the monolith a powerless and dead shell, but new life is formed. After shaping a world for life, the monolith is left dead to spawn new life as opposed to just floating about transferring universes to escape big chills because it wanted to leave legacies as to where it’s been, it’s an emotional-based action that has no other logical purpose than emotion. It was created by organisms in the first universe, which was created in the process explained in this video.


YouTube - The Universe - Created Out Of Nothing? http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fxNbXjBbzEo


Seems like a *hyper-unbelievable* phenomenon, this I realize, but it explains life and eternal life after death, and I believe the dead monolith is somewhere on mars, it was responsible for colliding earth with another planet to make the world the way it is today and form the moon, shaping it to support our specific life forms until a new monolith living with the bio-organic-quantum-wave can be made.

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What are the characteristics of a bio-organic quantum wave?
Mainly: oscillations.


What medium does it travel in?
The aether. Of course. :)


What is its range of frequencies?
The visible and often UV, occasionally even infra-red (but only when things get rilly rilly hot! ;))


What particles are associated with it?
Pollen! :D


How does it behave if subject to the two slit experiement?
It despises Huygens so don't go lookin' for those fringes and so on.... it's got Free Will! :)
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