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Psycholgical feast or intellectual famine?


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It has occurred to me that misery is searching for something and not finding it, and happiness is finding it - plus finding it in abundance. It's feasting on something that keeps you settled somewhere in satisfaction - what moves you is dissatisfaction (feeling starved of affection*/ interest).:phones::hyper:


A society falls to pieces, an individual moves home, leaves their job, family or abandons some other relationship, when it no longer gives them what they need from it (That includes threads like this or indeed websites). Empty materialism is the realization that selfishness and greed is frantically searching for something that is no longer there - love and inspiration is finding it in meaningful connections to others/ other things or beings (exploration/ creation/ service).:phones:


Conflict, whether verbal or physical, is what keeps us locked together as peace allows us to travel (move on). The latter is avoiding arguments about what is true or not, and instead letting others find out through their own experience. This is the difference between wisdom and idiocy or ego (must be rightism/ have the last word). In feast or famine terms, this is war of attrition versus leaving things be, to grow uninterruptedly ('Consider the lilies of the valley...').:evil:


Think of a gas station, with creationists/ the old as Model T's and whizz kid scientists/ businessmen as sports cars. We all need to fill up our bodies, our minds with fuel, whether physical or inspirational. With the former it is easier to see the desert that moves us on but when it comes to the latter, others may look at us and say 'Why are you giving up your house/ family/ job/ lifestyle, when you have it all?' and this is the reason - nothing satisfies forever except 'change'. It is the only constant in the universe and the only thing that keeps our minds alive and stirs our hearts to adventure, seeking challenge. If somebody disagrees with you, this is why - they are selling their belief system, so that they can move on but may not want to buy yours as they pre-owned it or it simply isn't what they are after, now.:evil:


As Zen Buddhists say - the future is in your hands, reach out and grasp it; the past is at your feet, walk on...;)


* You may have had enough of affection to be glutted on it, so it doesn't necessarily follow we all want it or need it and indeed may be repulsed by it at some point in our lives, when interest in our own thoughts may take over (or vice-versa)

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