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Help with building a balsa wood tower for physics

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how is this instead? my teacher said to have around 6 cross braces.


looks good to me! :thumbs_up i was going to draw a set of blue lines with 4 cross-braces, but didn't want to confuse the issue & wasn't sure how much material you could use. :lol:


if you make cross-lap joints, it will be even stronger than just glued. :idea: :cap:


39. Cross-Lap Joint

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Not SuperGlue! Carpenter's yellow glue - and keep it off your hands (thin latex gloves). Use just enough as a very thin layer on both sides, no more. Meat or wood, what carpenters glue sticks together does not come apart. Clamp overnight with







One presumes it will be pyramidal, right? Note missing third side.


Measure twice, cut once. You are not in this to build a tower, you are in this to outperform everybody esle.

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thanks you guys! my tower was tested last week and it held all of the 15 kg :cheer:

i was a little paranoid about it breaking, so i put some extra glue that i didn't need so my tower ended up being a just a tiny bit heavier than i would've wanted haha


no problem. that's why they pay us the big bucks. :xparty:


special nod of thnx to you as well. :cheer: of all who have chosen Hypography for balsa-tower-help, you're the first to report back on your results! :cheer: got a pic of the finished project by any chance? ;)


did you notice what failed on the ones that busted? was it glue joints or the wood broke? what caused them to fail? is there any forensic follow-up or discussion in class? :)

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