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200k , miles on a motorcycle with a life expectancy of 30-50k average I must be doing something right...or the rebuild parts installed at 12k miles are far better than stock

That does seem an impressive number of revolutions for a Harley Davidson V twin – by pre-1970s reputation, I’d have thought it impossible, but we’re talking about a more modern version of the engine, aren’t we? What year?


With air-cooled piston engines, I’ve found longevity is mostly to do with the piston rings. Their technology has evolved tremendously in the past 50 years, making them some of the most exotically manufactured parts in a modern ICE.


I’m a fan of VW suitcase engines, but they’re mechanically relics of WWI-era engine technology. While it’s true you could make them live forever, this really meant replacing rings and bearings every 50,000 miles. A cool thing about the engine is that you could do this in a day, with no more tools than you can carry in a box. It’s an engine designed to me maintained in primitive conditions.


Err... motorcyclist thread ... well, you can put a VW engine in a motorcycle – looks pretty much like an old BMW – unless you make one that looks wilder, like

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Still more work in the works,,,but she's getting that vintage 70's look, along with the beauty of blacked out everything.

Groups are gone for a bit, until hopefully someone fixes the interface and makes groups usable again :( for the mean while we will have to confine ourselves into a thread or two ;)   I know there are

[sigh] (yes mr moon I'd realllllllly love to own one) Because two-strokes can rev much higher, have fewer moving parts, and are much lighter than four strokes...and therefore yield a lighter faster bi

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That does seem an impressive number of revolutions for a Harley Davidson V twin – by pre-1970s reputation, I’d have thought it impossible, but we’re talking about a more modern version of the engine, aren’t we? What year?

Actually it's a 2004 liquid cooled Suzuki 805cc V-twin....they're not well known for longevity.  



I’m a fan of VW suitcase engines,


Me too. Best vehicle I ever owned was a '77 VW campmobile.

Folks used put them in trikes (something I really want to do)...and yes they've ended up in two wheelers too.



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As you climb aboard, the machine feels like a part of you, not something you ride but something you become, you turn the ignition key and press the starter button, and the instant of throaty roar like a dragon newly awoken speaks but then it settles down to a mild pitty pat as each cylinder counts off, the leather set feels soft as butter under you as you rock forward to take the beast off it's center stand, the tires finally grip the pavement, you can almost feel it's desire to go, to grab the road and put the pavement behind it. A quick blip of the throttle and the dragon roars again, anxious to be let loose on the world. You engage first gear and slowly motor down to the highway, making sure the way is clear but a car is coming, some poor soul locked in a cage, never to know the thrill of what you are getting ready to let loose. Instead of waiting for him to pass you pull out and whack the throttle full on, smoke begins to pour off the rear tire as the front tire lifts off the pavement and slowly settles down as you hit 2nd gear and 60 MPH, the poor guy in the cage left behind in a cloud of smoke. Cowboys of old had nothing on you!!!





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Pics of my zooky, I came pretty close to the TourGlide's good looks....I think. It's certainly more comfortable on long hauls and in foul weather than stock it also has tons more storage. On the negative side the drag created by the splash guards and fairing do lower top speed noticeably.

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My bike is a 2006 Suzuki Boulevard 50 (formerly known as the Intruder 805 cc V-twin).  It puts out 50 hp through a 5 speed transmisson  I really haven't had time to ride it while I was on the road for the last 2 years.  I need to charge up (or replace) the battery, drain the old gas, and take that thing out of the basement now that I am close to home.  Mine has about 3200 miles and it doesn't have the striping, but you get the idea.and .   I used to have a Suzuki Savage 650 single cylinder, now the S-40, but with a 5 speed transmission instead of a 4 speed, which I always felt it needed


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