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Aztecs and... Aliens?

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[quote name='Turtle']:eek2: viejo como la suciedad amigo. me puedes llamar abuelo. :eek: (the only gray-beard emoticon i can find. :hihi:)

PBS ran a NOVA special last night on machu pichu; they show how the stones were quarried, worked, and set. >> [url=http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/machupicchu/]NOVA | Ghosts of Machu Picchu | PBS[/url][/quote]

Brillante! :eek:
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[quote name='klenole']My dad and I were talking the other day about some interesting things. We were talking about the Aztecs, and all of their knowledge about the stars and stuff. It actually started off as a conversation about the new movie coming out, '2012'. I dont know if any of you have heard of it, but it seems sort of... ominous. Creepy. If you dont know what it's about, it's about the end of the world, basically. It's supposed to happen on a certain day in 2012. The same exact day that the Aztec's calender ends. Some astrologists, not that I really belive in that stuff much, but they say that something will happen on that day. Something very big, and possibly not so good.

But anyway, we were talking about the Aztec's knowledge. They were a primitive people... so how would they know so much? How could they possibly have built all of those monuments and cities, and the pyramids? My dad mentioned something to me, saying that they couldnt have done it on their own. They had to have had some help. For a moment it confused me. I thought, 'Well how could they have had help? There werent any others who could help them with things like that.' Then I realized what he meant. Why did the Aztecs spend so much time looking at the sky?

In the next few days, a documentary came on. It was about the Aztecs, and it was about the exact thing that we had been talking about. The Aztecs had made scupltures, statues, drawings, etc of people in spacesuits. It looked just like the spacesuits we used to use. Now how the heck would they know about things like that? Unless someone had come and helped them. And why does their calender end on that EXACT day? If someone, or something, did help them, then had that same someone predicted a solar phenomenon which could be the end of our world? I found all of this very interesting, and your thoughts on it would be appriciated.[/quote]
Im a aztec decendent and my grandfather talked about that stuff maybe aliens intermixed with the aztecs you know breeded with them and as a favor built those pyramids and to remember them aztecs built those sculptures .also aztecs did have a calender that predictes the end of the world.
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